Oh, to be Young. {Poem}

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Oh, to be young.

I hear 10-year-olds
Walking home from school
Skipping, screaming and singing
at the top of their lungs.
Free from the confines
of the order and discipline
that dominate their days.

I understand teenagers
Are experimenting
Certain they know everything
Only to realize again
That they know nothing.
Living in the excitement
Of power and newness at every turn.

I see 20 somethings
Walking lazily along
Arm in arm
Down the snow covered street
Late into the evening
Bottles of wine and take out
fill their free hands.

I breathe into my pregnant belly
Trace the stretch marks
On my 30-year-old skin
I am a child, and a woman
Hanging in the balance
Of “Miss” and “Ma’am,”
Likely wasting time.

Are mistakes reserved
only for the young?
Silliness and playfulness
Are the things that escape us
And we try, desperately,
for the rest of our lives
to get the feelings back.



Lost Connection. 


Author: Megan Ridge Morris

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Image: Pixoto.com

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cliff taylor Mar 11, 2015 8:23pm

this is a very fine poem. as we get older with each passing year our youth leaves us, shrinking in the distance behind us, and yet, paradoxically, it never really leaves us at all. I love that bittersweet feeling that comes with reflecting on certain parts of our youth. your poem was just plain excellent. thanks for sharing.

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Megan Morris

Megan Ridge Morris is a yoga teacher, writer, actor, foodie and master manifester! She teaches weekly classes, monthly workshops and teacher trainings in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. She co-leads retreats worldwide. Learn more at her website, and follow Megan on your social media stream of choice: Facebook, Instagram (yogameg84) or Twitter (yogameg84).