March 1, 2015

On Sensitivity & Saving Ourselves.


This is the first time in my life that I have been so open about how sensitive of a person I am. 

When I feel, I feel deeply. Emotions linger for longer than they should. Events replay in my mind until exhaustion and I’m finally ready to move on. I vividly remember words and interactions with others because for me, their impact is everlasting.

Hyper-sensitivity has become a norm and I’ve finally embraced that there is no need to be ashamed of it. Society has constantly stigmatized sensitivity to be something that should be looked down upon, something to be whispered about. No one wants to be labeled as a sensitive person.

Sensitivity does not equate to weakness. Vulnerability does not need to be taboo. The intensity of one’s emotions should not lead them to have to pardon who they are. We’ve grown into a system that normalizes us to apologize for our existence, our presence, for our strength.

We can’t be too much of anything so we find the perfect equation to get ourselves ahead:

Intelligent, but don’t let them know we’re smarter than they are.
Confident, but humble enough that people don’t feel intimidated.
Outspoken, but not too loud or opinionated because then we’ll be labeled as a bitch, sassy, not chill… whichever adjective feels right at the moment.

We find the perfect equation so that we can become the exceptions, so that we can move forward. Although for them, what they see as exception, we see as the norm.

We must save ourselves, working from the inside out. Healing to becoming whole again, unlearning what we’ve been taught for years.

The acceptance of my sensitivity has taught me that we must not let ourselves be ashamed for how strongly we feel. Instead, let those feelings guide you. Let yourself be angry. Let yourself feel hurt. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Let yourself be embraced from the inside out. Feel things fully and don’t hold back in order to be what others want from you. You’ve come to far to be defined by anyone but yourself.



Why Being Sensitive Could be Your Greatest Gift.


Author: Sienna Brown

Editor: Travis May

Photos:  Deviant Art

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