March 10, 2015

Reaching Inside for Understanding.

and you know

The problem isn’t we “don’t know” why we’re in pain, on the contrary, we know very well.

We truly know. Our deepest truth and wisdom are buried under layers of fear and denial (which is a tough to accept) and also difficult to validate, what is deeply rooted in pain.

However, “not knowing” can be a beautifully protective coating, that we wear until we are ready to shed it and face the raw source of our internal sorrow.

We fall down, we get up. We hurt, we heal.

But we must know, no matter how desperate the situation is, no matter how much pain we’re feeling—all the answers we need are inside.

No one knows us better than we know ourselves—listen to the core, the center and the heart.  We are our own experts.

Have you shed many tears in sadness and joy and felt calm after the storm?

You are an expert.

Have you fallen deeply, fully and hopelessly in love and had heartache, heartbreak and survived?

You are an expert.

Have you slipped into a messy, chaotic and irresponsible relationship and moved on?

You are an expert.

Did you come from a broken place but managed to pull yourself together?

You are an expert.

Did you rise today to meet the day, arms open?

You are an expert.

Do you see love where others see fear?

You are an expert.

Have you had a moment when the words are not necessary, but the moment was completely understood?

You are an expert.

Have you held someone, something and melted into their rhythm—one to one, and became one?

You are an expert.

Have you felt déjà vu—an awakening—and wondered, is it the real? Is “this” the validation we truly and actually know?  The answer is yes.

You are an expert

Throw caution to wind and the rest out the window.  We don’t need anyone else to substantiate any of this—no one else can possibly reach our essence.

We don’t need a guru—save your money.

Try accepting the truth, without proof or authentication from the outside.

We are a wellspring of self-knowledge, but we sometimes have to dig deep, for it all to flow.

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Author: Debbie Laughlin

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author

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