March 1, 2015

Recipe for Madness.

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Recipe for Madness.

Gather together carefully.


1 cup of ambition
3 teaspoons of competitiveness
1 good handful of insults
1⁄2 cup diced frozen thoughts, dark as possible
1 really angry kid, whole
2 ladles of self-pity (as sweet as you can find, sticky to the touch)
1 gallon of water or more, enough to make consistency of mud
4 cartons of pure rage (must be for good reasons)
5 cans of subconscious resentment (must be of completely unknown material)
1⁄2 teaspoon of hatred, enough to burn (protect eyes while handling)
4 traumatic experiences, remembered in detail
1 ghost
4 demons, 2 with sharp fangs and 2 with drool and blood running from their mouths 4 tablespoons of good intentions (enough to create hesitancy to rise)
4 tubs of tension (must be taut enough to create good springing action when released)

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In order for this to be true madness, begin with one cup of ambition and a starter mix of right time, place and circumstance.

Mix three teaspoons of competitiveness with a good handful of insults. Throw in 1⁄2 cup of diced frozen thought (dark as possible) to keep it crunchy.

When the angry kid gets angry, respond with at least one ladle of self-pity to sweeten. Add water until the consistency is muddy.

At this point, he will probably get violent, and it is time for the first carton of rage.

When he continues to be truly obnoxious and belligerent, take out one can of subconscious resentment and mix thoroughly with 1⁄2 teaspoon of hatred, enough to burn (because we do not know the nature of this material, we must be aware that it could be lethal).

As the kid continues to throw insults, remember in detail four traumatic experiences and invoke the ghost to enter, which won’t be easy as it must be evasive, enough to create the terror needed for a successful outcome.

now invite the demons to knaw and drool, and add four tablespoons of good intentions until you create the hesitancy to rise.

At this point, feel utterly and completely mad. if not, repeat. Feel defeated, and add an extra four tubs of tension.



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This recipe and artwork is an excerpt from Marlow’s book, The Way Through, available at MarlowBrooks.com.

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Author: Marlow Brooks

Editor: Emily Bartran

Artwork: Author’s Own 

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