March 9, 2015

Reggie: A Panhandler with a Message. {Video}

Sasha Leahovcenco

One thing I learned from sitting in traffic is that nothing ever happens.

Thousands of people staring into their phones, waiting for the lights to change.

But on this particular day, God prepared something very special for me.

I met Reggie.

He approached my car with a tiny jar looking for change. I reached into my wallet and all I had was a  $20 bill. As he came closer to my car I took a good look at his face. It was disfigured from burn marks and his speech was affected.

I didn’t feel any fear or pity, I just remember having a very clear thought that this man needs this $20 way more than I did. I sensed that this man had a story, and I needed to hear it. As he began walking away I asked, “What’s your name?”

Reggie” he said.
What happened to you?
“I was in a fire.”
“Did your house catch on fire?”
“No, I set myself on fire…

The light turned green and it was time for me to go, but I was back two days later to hear the rest of his story.

For the next 8 minutes, he will share his story with you.

Reggie from The Film House on Vimeo.

Food for thought: We honk at other cars in traffic, we cuss at slow drivers, we are so angry and impatient all the time. And then, there’s Reggie. He carries the burden and pain of his prior mistakes, and yet there’s not a glimpse of negativity. Reggie isn’t blaming anyone, he isn’t out for revenge or justice.

Reggie is, for me, a refreshing reminder to be grateful and aware of all the beautiful people and precious moments in our lives. He also reminded me that there is always more to someone than what appears on the surface. We’re too quick to judge, to place a label and dismiss, to hide our faces in our phones to avoid eye contact.

So, my friend, stop for a moment and listen. After all, you might be sitting in traffic right now, and someone with a story like Reggie’s could be walking past you.



Happiness or Suffering: Feel Free to Choose.



Author: Sasha Leahovcenco

Assistant Editor: JoJo Rowden/Editor: Emily Bartran 

Image: Author’s Own 

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