March 11, 2015

Spring, My Lips are Waiting. Kiss me. Transform me.


I’ve been licking my lips, sitting on an icy cold edge of fear waiting for you.

At long last…

I see you running towards me just as I’m running towards you.

Embrace me.

I taste your lemon-zest breath on my tongue.

I hear your muddy mating calls sing to budding willow branches in my soul.

I feel your fierce fingers weave through each stringy strand of my blonde hair.

Kiss me.

Smear me with mud and take me to bed, I’m all yours.

Transform me.

Bust open my heart’s dusty door.

At long last…

I can whisper secrets to dandelions and surrender my self-hatred to the dirt.

I can drink purple cups of luscious lilac inspiration and write you poetry.

I can soothe itchy scabs with a steady rainfall of salty tears and scream and dance like never before.

Kiss me.

Smear me with mud and take me to bed, I’m all yours.

At long last…

I can stretch out my crumpled spirit and claim my suffocated power.

I can breathe dew-drops of life into whispering dreams that died Ice Ages ago.

I can melt my pain like snow, each drop splashing onto the fragile orchid blossoms of my soul.

Transform me.

Spring, you’ve got a sway in your hips and a spark in your lips that I can’t ignore.

You barrel through my bones.

And set my veins on fire.

I want to taste you.

And never stop tasting you.

Smear me with mud and take me to bed.

I’m all yours.



Our Hips hold the Secrets of the Breeze. {Poem}


Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Flickr/Sarah Zucca

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