March 6, 2015

Take A Walk. {Poem}

take a walk

This poem was written for anyone who’s going through a hard time or a struggle.

Maybe the answer isn’t as tricky as it seems.

Maybe it’s as simple as taking a walk.

For those suffering from depression, I understand that it can be more complicated.

But, the beauty of a walk is using the external factors, around us, to lead our brain to a different place—with mother earth on our side, it can be a happy place.

I asked him to help me
He suggested a walk
“Take a walk.”
Put shoes on, brush hair
Take a walk
Open door, looks back
Take a walk
Step outside, breathe in
Take a walk
Starts strides, open eyes
Take a walk
Long breathe in, stand up taller
Take a walk
Look around, smell the earth
Take a walk
See a snowman, longer strides
Take a walk
Wave to a neighbor, smile at a stranger
Take a walk
Hear conversation, see laughter
Take a walk
Watch the sky, feel the sun
Take a walk
Think of childhood, smile to oneself
Take a walk
Pet a dog, see a baby
Take a walk
Reach hands to heavens, stretch nice and tall
Take a walk
Loop back around, going further
Take a walk
Start a routine, stronger everyday
Take a walk
Find beauty, feel grateful
Take a walk
Be one with nature, feel emotions
Take a walk
Come back home “where’d you go?”
“I took a walk.”

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Author: Denise K. Casagrande

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr, courtesy of the author

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