March 9, 2015

What are Words ? {Poem}


What are Words ?

Words are beginnings and endings,
the unspoken and spoken language.
Crying child leaving a mother’s womb,
A man’s sigh as he breathes his last,
Two lovers drenched in rain embraced,
with two hearts pounding sweet nothings.
Revelations to saints and prophets to
teach love and compassion to humanity.
What about the nightingale’s voice I hear,
or the hoot of an owl signalling doom ?
Rustling leaves swaying with the wind,
whistling and screaming with all its might.
Call for prayers and ringing of temple bells,
Enveloping mind laying worries to rest.
Do I feel the ocean waves speaking loud,
rising high to greet their beloved moon.
Fairy tales, poetry, stories reveal aloud
unsolved mysteries and magic of life.
Are there hidden words in lyrics of songs
singing a sweet soothing lullaby to me ?
I feel a language of beauty spoken,
with sensuous grace, as a dancer sways
her hips and entices one speechless.
So what are words…?



Crave to Learn the Language of Trees. {Poem}


Author: Ankita Siddiqui

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Wikipedia

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