April 1, 2015

Apple Launches New Birth Control Device Called iUD.


Computer giant Apple Inc. announced today that it is expanding into the area of healthcare with the launch of it’s new birth control device The iUD.

In a press release, Apple spokesperson Donna Peterson said:

“Apple’s goal has always been to enhance people’s lives and try to make them easier and more fun whenever possible. Therefore our next venture makes logical sense. Birth control and family planning issues are concerns that affect most people all over the world. Therefore, why not try to make that aspect of life a little easier?”

Working closely with Howell Chemicals, a pharamaceutical company headquartered in New Jersey, Apple has developed a small microchip that can track a woman’s menstrual cycle. When implanted into the uterus under the care of a healthcare provider, the chip can be synced with the iPhone, iPod, or newly-launched iWatch and let a woman know exactly when her fertile days are. On those days, she can either abstain from intercourse or use some barrier form of birth control.

While both the iUD and its conventional counterpart are both 99% effective, unlike a conventional IUD, there is no risk of infection with the iUD and should it happen to fall out, the woman will know immediately thanks to the app.

Plus, while the former prevents implantation of a fertilized embryo, the latter does not. Therefore, companies that deny coverage of conventional IUDs on the grounds of “religious reasons” citing that fertilized embryos are people may be more likely to cover the iUD since this simply isn’t an issue. Lastly, there are no hormones involved which makes this a “great option” for women who cannot go on the pill due to its side effects.

Of course, Apple’s Peterson is quick to point out that no birth control method is 100% effective and neither is the iUD. When asked about the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy, Peterson replied:

“We believe that it is up to the individual to explore all options available to her. We would never dream of interfering, but with that said, we feel we must point out adoption is always an option since our co-founder, Steve Jobs, was himself the result of an unplanned pregnancy and was adopted at birth. The rest, as they say is history.”

The new iUD is scheduled to be released at the end of the month.

PS: Happy April Fools’ Day


Apple CEO, Tim Cook, to give away Fortune.


Author: Kimberly Lo

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Flickr/Mike Deeroski


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