April 29, 2015

Can We Make Fools of Ourselves More Often?


Warning: naughty language ahead!

Take off your shoes, stick out your tongue, and make the silliest face you can.

Are you doing it? I am too.

I look like a neurotic fairy tripping on acid. Seriously, there’s pictures I won’t show you for anything less than 10 handfuls of dark chocolate chips.

But, can we make absolute fools of ourselves more often?

Because we always try so hard to say the right things and worry so much about saying the wrong things. Because life can be less-than-pretty and painful and it’s easy to feel serious and sad and downright exhausted.

I don’t want to try today, I just want to be.

Can we play?

Drop your cares on the back porch and step onto grinning blades of excited emerald grass. We’re going on an adventure. No need to jump in the car or wait for a crowded train or hop aboard a tiny plane—to the great outdoors it is!

No iPhones or e-mails or Facebook check-ins allowed.

Only us, flawed, real, and perfectly fucked up.

Let’s talk about all the shit we’ve been going through and make bad jokes and act like idiots. The trees might look at us like we’re nuts, but they’ll join in eventually. Let’s catch sunshine on our tongues and bask in candied clouds and swallow a few mosquitos by mistake.

We can look for ladybugs and play pretend, imagining castles and magical forest kingdoms and think aloud about who we’ll be when we grow up.

‘Cause we’re older than we were, but we still don’t know a damn thing, at least that’s what it feels like.

Life has been hard lately, tough as fuck for many moons.

But, here we are, standing tall, acting silly.

So let’s dance like drunk kittens to no music and eat mountains of cotton candy and get terrible stomach aches from laughing so hard.

Let’s go back to our worlds lighter and freer, with crooked, up-to-no-good smiles.

Can we make fools of ourselves more often?


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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Pixabay

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