April 14, 2015

Coming Home, Clumsily. {Poem with Bonus Video}


My body is sleepy today.

Even the unfurling of the mat is languid, slow.

Two months slipped past while my mat collected dust in the corner.

Muscles ache to arch and bend.

Breath to ground me, again and again.

It is humbling to return after time away.

I stumble, hesitate, lose my balance.

Laugh. For with all the gravity and intention setting:

This is a joyous thing, this balance of body and spirit.

I feel the fire-spark of yoga joy returning.

Soon, even my fingertips are alive again, a part of this ritual.

A body rejoicing after that needed slumber.

An hour passes quickly, this part of my life coming back to me,

my spirit feeling at home, clumsy still and all.

Lengthened, free, clear-headed, I leave thankful for my inept practice.

Sometimes we need some time away to come, truly, home.


Bonus: A gorgeous, rejuvenating video by Xavier Rudd to give you a moment’s inspiration today.


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Author: Keeley Milne

Editor: Emily Bartran 

Photo Credit: Author’s Own 


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