April 1, 2015

Existence of Sock Monster Confirmed: How to Save your Spares. {April Fools’ edition}

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The Sock Monster is real! But, only on April 1st.

Oh, the horror! My favorite pair of socks has met a terrible fate. I threw the dynamic duo into the wash earlier this morning, but only one sock made it out.

I’m nearly certain it was the sock monster.

A recent article in the “Journal of Fabricated Facts” shared the science behind the dimension-hopping hellion. Though the article portrayed him as a harmless prankster, his sock-stealing may be more sinister. What can one do with millions of socks? What is his plan?

We can’t worry about that now, the more pressing issue at the moment: how do we save the sole survivor?

Many relegate single socks straight to the trash can, but as hosiery heroes and heroines, we can do more. I’m not talking about starting a Save the Socks social media campaign, though that is a definite possibility.

What can we do right now to utilize the surviving socks? How do we give it purpose? By repurposing, of course!

First things first, there’s nothing wrong with being single. Not every sock needs to be part of a pair. We can mix and match patterns and colors for a more unique look. If that’s not our style, then let the repurposing begin!

  1.  D.I.Y. Dust Rag: Possibly the easiest way to reuse socks, just dampen with water and start scrubbing.
  2.  Practically Perfect Polisher: Spray or dip into polish and make your shoes, bike or car shine.
  3. Homemade Hacky Sack: Fun to kick around and quite a challenge. Fill with dried rice, dried peas, or beans and cut to the desired size. Securely stitch up the opening and kick away.
  4. Sock Puppets: This can be as simple as scribbling on a face, but as complex as adding ears, gluing eyes and stitching on a button nose.
  5. Cat Toy: Fill with catnip and tie-off or sew closed.
  6. Cold Compress: Slip in an ice pack for cooling relief while protecting your skin from the sting of the cold
  7. Extra Padding: Use when storing glasses and other delicate items.
  8. Shoe Freshener: Fill with baking soda and stuff into shoes overnight.
  9. Potpourri Holder: Add your favorite scent, stitch closed and throw into dressers. One of my favorite uses and the reason while all my sweaters smell spectacular.
  10. Paperweight: Slip a rock in the sock, cut to size and sew up.

These 10easy ways to save your spare socks are just the beginning!

The craftier among us can create almost anything. Socks can be made into drink cozies or doll clothes, scrunchies and even ornaments. With a little creativity, we can breathe new life into old, abandoned socks.

Share how you save your spares and let’s start an upcycled sock revolution!

Happy April Fools’ Day!


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Author: Kristen Koennemann

Editor: Renee Jahnke/Travis May

Image: Author’s Own


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