April 14, 2015

Fellow Sexy-Time Daydreamer.

Nicole's Lips

Dear Fellow Sexy-Time Daydreamer,

Yes, you, the female finding her thoughts wandering to the realms of the dirty, the sexy, the love, the fantasy and the phenomenal to which makes ones loins throb!

You aren’t alone! Although our society is ever evolving, ever changing its norms and is slowly embracing the fact that women’s urges and desires reach much further than that of baking a child in their proverbial oven, we are still not fully recognized for our, dare I say, sexual cravings.

I often find my mind wandering to the “naughty” and I let it run. Albeit an almost fact that women connect the physical act of sex with emotion, we run with that as well, perhaps as a way to think we aren’t objectifying, rather lustfully admiring, a man by quite possibly having the same thoughts as he is.

But why try and find disassociation? The human is no less carnivorous than an animal—filled with primal need and urge. The mind is a beautiful and creative thing, so let the male physique be admired for a moment or few. Step out of the politically correct, the sensitivity and let your thoughts run wild!

Allow yourself to stare blankly into space to fantasize about throwing a man against a wall, frantically ripping off his clothes and kissing every inch of his body…tasting every morsel of his skin.

Think of staircases, elevators and public parks in the moonlight. Visually undress the stranger in the bar and maintain the awkward eye contact for a brief moment.

Find yourself 10 minutes into the future because you found your mind wandering to hot bodies, a lifted skirt on a countertop and a damp shirt being slowly taken from the handsome man down the street.

Venture to the world of a belt being undone as teeth clank together. Think of the taboo of being tied up, softly touched and teased. Allow yourself to notice your lip hurting from being bitten too hard because a song brought you back to one of the more pleasant memories of you and your ex.

Catch your finger pacing your bottom lip like a soldier as you lust for the crush at work. Imagine crawling across the table and grabbing his tie or hair.

Let your inner thighs secretly quiver at your desk or as you lay in bed. Let the pulse through your naughty bits throb so bad it makes you want to reach for a Kleenex because you are excited to share with your lover at home that you are switched on.

My fellow sexy-time daydreamer, embrace the fact that you are a sexual being just as a man is. The human body is a wonder of natural art to be admired. We get hot and bothered out of nowhere; we’re triggered and it’s a glorious thing.

The human body, both man and woman, is a beautiful creature to salivate over. So let your mind race and your mouth water. Embracing your sexuality and your beautiful, dirty, lusting little thoughts is something to be proud of and worth sharing with the right people, not bottling up. Fall asleep to your delectable thoughts.

Yours Truly,
Fellow Switched on Daydreamer


Sexual Empowerment for Women (and Men).


Author: Nicole Crow

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Author’s Own


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