April 9, 2015

For My Friend, Whose Wife Had Breast Cancer. {Poem}

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How can it be that tomorrow morning

the sun will come up as usual
people will get up and go to work as usual,
kids will wait for the bus as usual,
the air-conditioner at Walmart will turn on as usual
when everybody knows that tomorrow morning
the 25 year companion of his days,
the mother of his child,
the maker of his meals,
the warmer of his pillow,
the listener of his songs,

of his dreams,
of his hopes,
of his failures,

the woman he has shared how many—ten thousand?—bottles of wine with,
is going to have a breast removed
which removal will,
for my friend and his wife,
rob tomorrow morning and all the following tomorrow mornings
of anything happening as usual ever again.

For the rest of their lives,
nothing will be as usual
for my friend and his wife
and everything will be what life was like
before the surgery or
what life was like after the surgery.

Tomorrow morning,
from inside that surgery room world
inside that hospital world
inside my friend’s world,
“as usual” will disappear
and in its place will be a world that is in an
free fall.

How can it be?


Author: Carmelene Siani

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Google image labeled for reuse


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