April 8, 2015

Free Time.

free time

I’ve been jobless for two weeks.

I had been working for a mindfulness organization and over the past two weeks, since leaving, I’ve been able to fully slow down, fully settle.

I imagine these two weeks are only the beginning, much like twenty minutes into a seated meditation.

With minimal agitation or rearranging, it’s been near bliss.

1. Sleep: I can sleep as much and as long as I want. Ironically the more rested I become, the less I need.

2. Sun: I can now get a lot of it and I already have a tan.

3. Movement: I can hop from my bed to the couch to a yoga mat to a lake walk. I feel embodied, fully human, filled from the inside out.

4. Reading: I can start and finish a book. One down, many to go.

5. Food: I can cook healthy slow meals and walk to the local farmer’s market for fresh veggies.

6. Friends: I can hang, host and socialize.

7. Yoga: I can practice and teach.

8. Emotion: I can feel my aloneness and waves of joy, sadness, and sorrow—arise, wash over me and pass.

9. Gratitude: I can practice, paint, draw, smell flowers, burn candles and read poetry.

10. Nature: I can be still, free, at home, in love, at peace.

I have been watching time—how it slows down, grows and expands. How my pace and rhythm changes to match a different speed.

I love this speed.

It’s low gear.

It’s no longer the pace of a machine, typing fingers or a computer.

It’s the pace of the wind, trees, flowers and water. It’s the frequency of birds and the roots of vegetation.

It’s rest, regeneration, rejuvenation, restoration and relaxation.

It’s the temptation to continue on this path of autonomy and curiosity, build my own yoga practice, help and heal.

It’s the call of the wild and the answer of a prayer.


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Author: Jamie Aaronson

Editor: Asheigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author


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