April 4, 2015

Happy People do not Wait.

Photo: Mike DeMicco on Pixoto.

Let’s go back in time to our childhood.

Remember feeling incomplete? Dissatisfied with how days turned out? Insecure about the next step in life?

Well, probably the answer is no, and here is why.

As children we didn’t condition our feelings, desires or happiness. We didn’t wait to be happy. We were living in the present moment naturally, hearing our inner selves fearlessly.

As we grow up, we tend to forget our true selves and start to depend on goals and accomplishments to reach our happiness. Learning how to exist in society, but forgetting our own true existence.

As kids, it didn’t take long to make decisions, because we were better connected with ourselves, really listening to our souls. Now, sometimes we struggle, getting insecure with the decisions we are making right now. The difference is that now we are choosing to wait, instead of following our instinct and being happy.

What does it mean?

It seems we learn, that in order to be happy it’s a waiting game until we have the ideal job, body figure, car or house.

Happy people don’t restrict joy to a mate, limit peace to a retreat, personal and professional realization to a master degree or job title.

Happy people don’t wait until everything falls into the perfect place to be happy. Instead they’ve discovered that the perfect place to be happy is now.

I invite you to stop struggling between what you feel, think and do.

Start by remembering what made you feel naturally happy when you were a kid, maybe afternoon walks, or drawing, painting, singing, dancing, play ball—go back to your true self, cherish your essence and find the balance between your inner child and your grown up *ss.

And go be happy right now.

You’ll discover that, the more faithful you are to yourself, the happier you’ll be. Also, you’ll realize how the Universe answers you.

If you don’t wait to be happy, happiness flows in your life.

Think about it, how disempowering and nonsense this idea is: “I’ll be happy tomorrow.”

Happy people don’t wait.


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Author: Irene Sofia Valverde Aleman

Editor: Asheigh Hitchcock

Photo: pixoto, pixoto


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