April 22, 2015

My Life as an Ocean: Finding a Sense of Calm in Chaotic Times.

ocean art

I imagine myself as the sea.

My life is like the waves, a calm and smooth rhythm, but occasionally crashing, and carrying things away never to be seen again. Water has always promoted calm in my life.

I enjoy floating, swimming, watching and listening to the sea.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest I have always imagined the ocean as a representative of self. The imagery of the ocean has been a powerful tool I have utilized to promote relaxation and calm in my life.

My daily life is in rhythm, much like the ocean. I have a schedule and routines I follow, things run smoothly. But at times of loss, grief or life transitions I feel life is crashing down and often the subsequent feelings can be buried and carried away, much as the way the ocean tides carry things out to sea. The ocean, just like my life, ebbs and flows. Utilizing the powerful image of the ocean provides peace amidst the storms I encounter in life.

Imagery is an age old concept used to promote relaxation and create physiological changes in the body (like reduced heart rate, and breaths per minute decreased). Imagery can be both self-directed or lead by a practitioner. Imagery typically includes utilizing all five senses to promote a self of well-being and calm.

The more frequently utilized and practiced, the easier it is to promote this sense of calm and peace when encountering a stressful event.

When engaging in self-guided imagery, I imagine the cool, blue ocean waves over my body removing any stress and tension. I am surrounded by water and my body floats with the rhythm of the waves. I imagine being cleansed physically and emotionally by the ocean. This powerful vessel removes any discomfort in my body or mind. Upon completion of 10 to 15 minutes of imagery I feel relaxed and calm, ready to complete the tasks of the day.

The ocean is powerful, as is my life energy.

I utilize its strength and power to provide calm and peace in my life. Identifying your own image and script can allow for a sense of calm during chaotic times. To promote a sense of wellbeing and relaxation, engage in a regular practice of relaxation via imagery.

Imagery is powerful and can create a psychological and physiological shift in your mind and body.


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Love like the Ocean.


Author: Elizabeth Grasher

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Melanie Lauren/Flickr

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