April 2, 2015

Stories Without Words: My Life as a Photographer. {Beautiful Images}

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My name is Anna Jones and I have been shooting weddings, families, and editorial work for the better part of 10 years.

I have had a camera in my hands for as long as I can remember.

My passion has always been visual storytelling. I’ve always been more concerned with the emotion of a photograph than with it’s tonal range. I want to create powerful imagery with intention, compassion, and curiosity.

I want my images to tell a story when words cannot.

I appreciate simplicity with wit, interesting compositions, and beautiful (sometimes even messy) emotions.

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I got my first camera at age nine and it barely left my hand. It was a plastic holga gifted to me by a teacher. I became quickly obsessed with recording the world around me, in using my images to tell stories.

I was a silent observer, able to collect moments and capture experiences.


I never could seem to tell my family how I saw the world, but now, I though, “I can show them-and isn’t that better?” In photography I found a method of communication that became very powerful for me. This translated easily into the high school darkroom and later when the digital world gave us an even more far-reaching voice.


I love capturing moments between families, true moments—giggles, hand-holding, tears, all of it. Weddings are another favorite subject for me. The emotion of the day is un-surpassed. This is a good palette for storytelling. I keep an attitude of anti-intervention because the photos are always more powerful and meaningful that way. I also love travel photography—but it is rarely landscapes and such. It’s almost always people.

Anna Jones Greek Man

One of my favorite ever days was in Cambodia when I took a tuk-tuk with friends all over Siem Reap, and I just recorded the people and life along the way—in motion.

Annajones kids in Cambodia

It was the most amazing feeling and place and this was the only way I knew I could at least come close to describing how amazing it was. I had dropped my iPod a few days earlier and the only song I had on my phone was LCD soundsystem’s “Home”—so this is the soundtrack that plays in my head when I view the images. I recommend a visit to Cambodia to anyone who has never been.

My one constant is always striving to approach my work from a place of genuine curiosity. From the place nine-year-old me started from.

When I can do this, I love what I can create. Always.




Your Body Ain’t Wrong, Girlfriend.


Author: Anna Jones 

Editor: Renée Picard

Photos: all photos courtesy Anna Jones Photography (all rights reserved) 

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