The Shoe that Grows. The Brilliant Solution that will Help Millions of Children.


In 2007 while living in Nairobi, Kenya and working with 140 children orphaned by Aids/HIV, Kenton Lee noticed that not only were children cutting the toes off their shoes to make them fit, many children did not have any shoes at all.

Although the children would still smile and laugh, innocently not knowing any different, Lee knew that these children deserved more than this. Although the orphanage director advised Lee that they did receive shoe donations from the U.S., it was clear that this was not effective or sustainable as they would only fit for six months before they became too small.

It was at this stage that Lee thought, “Why are we donating things that don’t make sense for these kids? Why are we still doing the same old thing if it doesn’t work as well as it needs to? Can’t we do this a better way?”

Lee made the decision to do something about it, so he founded an organisation called Because International, so that the team could work together with those that are living in extreme poverty, and listen to what they say and then help to turn their dreams into a reality.

It wasn’t long before Lee came up with the concept of a shoe that was adjustable, so that it would last for approximately 10 years. The idea turned into setting up a revolutionary product called The Shoe That Grows. This has led to the creation of two adjustable shoes, one size small and one size large. The first will adjust to fit from pre-school to approximately grade four/five and the second fits from grade four/five to approximately grade nine, so just two pairs will last throughout complete school years.

Ensuring children have a pair of shoes is not only an issue for comfort, it is also a health issue too. Throughout the world over two billion people suffer from soil-transmitted parasites and diseases, so these shoes that grow will protect the children’s feet in more ways than one. The new design also offers better protection than a regular pair of shoes due to their innovative design and concept.

The shoe is also designed to easily compress which makes shipping overseas very cheap, as 50 pairs of shoes will fit in one suitcase on an airplane.

The organisation has set up a funding campaign and are just ready to process their largest order for 5,000 pairs of shoes which will be delivered by missionary and church groups this summer. To donate one pair of shoes costs only $10 and the organisation has set up a very simple process so that it only takes a moment to place an order to add a pair of shoes to a duffle bag, which will be sent out around the world to children in need.

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The Shoe That Grows

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Smile Break: African Children Dancing Evoke Joy.


Author: Alex Myles

Editor: Travis May

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Anti corruption Apr 7, 2015 4:40pm

I lived in a town in South Africa where a global petrochemical industry is situated. During the 25 years I was the victim of several criminal activities. We had to go to great expense to sharpen up security. We erected 6ft palisade fences around the property, installed electric fence on top of the palisade fence, subscribed to a useless armed response security company and had security doors and burglar bars in front of our windows. With all these measures the perpetrators still managed to gain unauthorized forced entry into the premises and cause severe damage apart from the goods that were stolen. Young children from the townships are dropped off early in the morning, summer and winter, with worn clothes and no shoes begging at the fast food outlets,parking lots, stop streets and traffic lights. People are not so generous anymore and get annoyed with the children begging. These children are picked up with a truck at night. They have to hand in their takings for the day in exchange for food and shelter. They are beaten up and left outside without food for the night if they don't hand in any takings. I worked with black people who warned me not to support these begging children because the siindicate they are working for is confiscating everything selling it. The children are also sent into the residential areas to watch houses where the scoundrels want to break in. Houses are marked and criminal activities take place. We still own property in South Africa because we have a child living in close vicinity. I returned to Canada end November and wrapped one of my luggage bags, ready to be mailed, needless to say; it was stolen out of my property on New Year's Eve with lots of other valuables and items. End February another burglary occurred and the tenant gave notice. Vacating the property. Ian extremely irritated and annoyed that one has to be exposed to criminal activities. There are institutions that take care of homeless children collecting from churches and charity institutions. In my opinion it is in their nature to beg and steal. Those who didn't receive a proper education and are living off the street will never change. The world is blind to the crime and corruption in Africa. Donations hardly ever reach those for whom it is intended. Those shoes will end up in someone's hands who will sell it. The government is corrupt and donations from other countries are mismanaged. I worked at a municipality. Netherlands gave the municipality money to pay our salaries and get out of debt. This happened more than once. 10 years later and the situation didn't improve. Don't waste money on feeding the corruption.

Ziggy3339 Apr 6, 2015 5:20pm

Thank you.

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