April 29, 2015

The Cereal Bowl Approach to Life.

yummy to last drop

Who doesn’t love a bowl of blueberry ginger cashew granola with fresh strawberries covered in almond milk?

Okay—maybe those who are boycotting almonds because they take a gazillion gallons of water to grow, but, as for the rest of us, we love that moment of settling on the couch with a bowl of nature’s comfort food after a long day of work or a hike in the woods or as a midnight snack.

Afterwards, we are refreshed, and ready to get back to writing or whatever it is that we love to do.

So we leave that little bit of blueberry-colored milk in the bottom of the bowl with a few flakes of oats around the edges, thinking we can wash it when we get back from our walk with the dog.

And when we do the milk has evaporated, and the oats stick to the side of the bowl like a crazy glue.

Now we’ll have to apply more effort—scrub it when we could have easily rinsed away the tidbits, but we didn’t.

The cereal bowl is like life.

We can indulge in pleasures, and then leave them to become sticky.

Or we can deal with the milk—so to speak—and rinse away our problems before they get stuck to the insides of our mind.

Why make things more complicated when there’s a simple solution in the first place?

Take a few extra steps—rinse out the bowl—and be present in our lives for the messy things, so we have more time to enjoy the pleasures of living.

And that, in a nutshell, is the cereal bowl approach to life (get ’em done—the sweet and the not so sweet things that need our attention).

Hey…pass me the vanilla almond milk? Please? Thanks!


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Author: Jessie Wright

Editor: Catherine Monkman

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