April 1, 2015

Whole Foods, Walmart, General Mills, Nestle, Justin’s Nut Butter, Numi, Alter Eco, Natural Products Expo & Boulder Brands make world-changing Promise. [April Fool’s edition]

Alter Eco award eco

Natural Products Expo, in partnership with General Mills and Boulder Brands as well as several other brands both small and major, are putting hard money into going plastic-free and 100% organic.

No more “natural”—a meaningless word that means nothing

And no more plastic, which never composts, isn’t ever truly recyclable, is made from oil, toxic, and cancer-related.

And no more deceptive “GMO-free.” All organics are gmo-free, by definition—gmo-free is conventional food, drowned in poison, that isn’t organic but is gmo-free—it’s only slightly better for our health. Organic is gmo-free, but gmo-free is not organic.

This historic agreement means the end of plastic oceans, the curbing of cancer rates, and the beginning of a new era of profitable, customer-supported brands that walk their talk.

Boulder Brands chairwoman Stacey Williams was quoted as saying: “look: at the end of the day, we all want a safe world for our grandchildren—green grass, blue skies, healthy water and air. It was time to take a stand—and we knew that if we did so, and marketed it well, our customers would back us all the way and even pay more for home compostable, plastic-free, 100% organic food—as Mother Nature and God intended it. GMO-free isn’t saying much—it can still be drowned in pesticides, which is just a fancy word for poison.”

Waylon Lewis, founder of elephant (number one in US twice for #green on twitter, 17 million readers/month) got the first interview.

Also! Sadly, April Fool’s! We hope this historic agreement will actually be fact sooner than later. Check out these few pioneering companies that are organic, and investing real money is plastic-free home compostable packaging.

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