May 14, 2015

Ask For Love. {Poem}


We do not have
to wait
for permission to feel.

Ladies, do not ask
For that first kiss.

Do not wait for your
Hand to be held
Or your
Devotion to be owned.

Do not wait for
Partner/girlfriend/wife, whatever.
Be it.

Be the woman whom you
Want to be
For the man you
Want to be with.

For the person you
Know who loves you,
But—sweet fear—cannot tell you.

So ask.

Ask to be held.

Ask to be desired.

Ask to be loved.

Some are so afraid of loving.
Do not be afraid.
Ask for what you need.

Ask to be held.
Ask to be desired.
Asked to be loved.

Ask to be taken as you are
And take him as he comes,
Afraid to ask of you more than you may be willing to give.

You are both worth it.

Love can be a game.
Or it can be a choice.

Ask yourself,
Your heart,
What it wants.

And then take it.
Not without mercy
But with passion.

Passion and ease;
Ease into your passion.

Take that kiss
As if you are clasping it
Vulnerably in your fingertips.

Let it be the kiss
That decides where your
Love conquers your fear.

Ask to be taken as you.

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Author: Tiffany Anderson

Apprentice Editor: JoJo Rowden / Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: courtesy of the author


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