May 18, 2015

Barefoot along the Sea.



I walked barefoot, alone at the sea shore

Praying the waves would wash my inner thoughts

And birds would sing the song of pain for me no more.


I felt the breeze of the morning everyday

Enjoying the sun’s rays on my shoulders

While contemplating a life that had no more sense to stay.


I watched the colors of the dawn as they whispered to me

I could feel chains all over my head and body

I was breathing but I was not living and free.


My mind shut down for brief moments in eternity

I realised I was walking on earth

Yet there was mud all over the places I could not clearly see.


I joined the sea for weeks and more

That’s how i realised how tranquil life can be

When I  jumped to the other shore.



I Belong to No One.


Author: Ilda Dashi

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Author’s Own

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Read 6 comments and reply

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