May 18, 2015

Because I Got High.


I am one of those people who don’t consider weed a drug—but this wasn’t always the case.

I had varying experiences with cannabis when I was younger and wasn’t sure if, or how, regular marijuana use would fit into my life now as an adult.

Yet, when I had the chance last year to smoke for the first time in eight years—I still jumped on it.

Immediately, I loved it.

I loved the taste of it, the feeling of it filling my lungs, and the way my hands tingled. I loved the feeling of being high.

I became conscious of the fact that the choice to smoke at night once my children were in bed, or not at home, didn’t negatively effect any aspect of my life. I am a caring, motivated and creative person, and whether I am high or not—I love to laugh and have a good time.

Getting high doesn’t change the person that I am.

Last fall I began rolling a joint and smoking on my porch before doing yoga at night. I didn’t do it every night, but on those nights that I did I enjoyed myself just a little bit more. I enjoyed the feeling of being relaxed and at peace. I enjoyed the way my breath settled low into my chest, and I was able to drift off to sleep easily.

I had come to recognize that the choice to smoke as an adult was very different than when I was younger. I am not looking to get messed up at a party; I am looking to just relax and have a chill moment that otherwise wouldn’t be the same.

Because of my personal experiences with bud I stopped seeing it as a drug. It’s not. It’s a plant, one I could grow between my hostas and rosebushes, if I am ever so inclined. It’s grown, harvested, dried and smoked—exactly the same as tobacco, only a lot more enjoyable.

The pharmaceutical pills that are manufactured with chemicals in factories—those are the drugs. Personally, I would trust a bowl packed with green herb over a box of pretty little white pills any day.

Because of my experiences with smoking, I started to look into the possible benefits of cannabis use—I am all about alternative medicines and remedies, so it was a natural transition.

In my research I came across a study by the Boston Medical Center that found smoking weed can be as effective for pain management as ibuprofen. The study specifically mentioned it being useful for menstrual cramps—so I tried it, and not only did it work, but it also worked quicker, and lasted longer, than taking a traditional pain reliever.

Although most of us can’t smoke every time we have a headache, cramp or muscle pull, it is a viable option for pain relief, one that can be argued to have less side effects than ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

The actual health benefits of smoking pot are numerous. Various studies have shown that cannabis can be used to treat arthritis, glaucoma and diabetes––just to name a few. Unlike many of the pharmaceutical drug options for these medical conditions, cannabis doesn’t have any negative side-effects that could further risk the health of an individual.

Another advantage I personally found from smoking pot is that it enhances my creativity. It’s no secret that cannabis has been used by everyone from William Shakespeare to Jerry Garcia to help promote greater right brain activity and imagination. A study done by the Journal of Psychology found that transmitters in the left brain are literally quieted after a person has smoked weed which leads to less analytical thinking, and greater creative inspiration.

I am someone who feels my way through this world, rather than think like most do. I am no stranger to creativity, yet, when I smoke, I have ideas that I just wouldn’t get otherwise. I think about the smells, tastes, textures and sights of a situation. I look at the details, and I feel the way with my heart.

I love that smoking is able to enhance my natural gifts, which translates into my art making and writing.

Although smoking marijuana is the most popular way to enjoy its benefits, there are other ways as well. Cannabis can be made into pills, sprays, liquid and edible products. All of these forms have the same positive effect, as well as the ability to enjoy a great high.

While I am aware that many people still consider the use of cannabis to be taboo, I am hoping that by discussing it more minds will be opened to the holistic benefits of this amazing plant.

It’s time to dismiss close minded opinions, and instead set out on the journey to find our own truth.

It’s a journey of choosing to stop believing in something because it’s what’s being pumped to the masses, and instead choosing to take the time to find out what we personally believe in.

It’s time to get high on the reality of cannabis.


“It’s a very strange thing when you make nature illegal.” ~ J. Rogan



Understanding Marijuana with Dr. John Douillard


Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Flickr/Interiorrain


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