May 16, 2015

Breaking Up. {Poem}

standing on the edge

It feels like standing on the edge

of darkness, fear and pain,
It feels like honoring a pledge
of struggling in vain.

It feels like drowning in a sea
of tears and sweat and crud,
It feels like burring the key
of waters turned to mud.

It feels like crows inside my nest
casting the spell of death,
It feels like rising up my chest
before the final breath.

It feels good to drench it all
in flesh, blood and wine,
As it feels cruel to crash and fall
before the finish line.

And yet it feels like being born
out of a hollow womb,
As if I needed to be torn
to rise up from my tomb.


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Author: Irina Latis

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: flickr

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