May 7, 2015

Crazy Love. {Poem}


I’ve been left with a thirst unquenched.

Inside, a loneliness that at times, seems to burn the edges of my heart and singe my soul.

I am no stranger to desire, to love even, but what I crave is something I have never had before. And while it terrifies me, I am drawn to it as a moth to a flame.

For me there is no escaping, I simply am craving a crazy love. One that challenges what we should do, and inspires us to do what we want to do. It never usually does the right thing, and sometimes can leave us breathless and weak. It doesn’t make sense, and yet nothing else feels simpler.

But, I want it. I want a crazy love.


Dreams that surround me in a purple haze with sparks of electricity tickling my fingertips as I trace the shadows along your collar bone.

Burn me up from the inside—full crazy maddening passion, butterfly inducing—you make me forget my own name type of desire.

I want a crazy love.


Take your time or take me all at once, but just take me—

It’s not just my body, but my heart too that is yours, so feast on all of me

Feeding your deepest hungers

Burning desire and laughter that bubbles around us

Bare feet resting on the rearview mirror as you drive, tapping out the tune of our song, skin moist with the heavy heat of summer, fingers entwined following the sun, where ever it may lead

I want a crazy love.


Interrupting to kiss you—just because I can

Drawing masterpieces on your skin with my fingertips until I kiss your canvas blank again

Strawberry stained lips, wind-blown dreams, and hands that hold tight

2:00 a.m. kisses on the neck because I awoke from my dreams only to find I wasn’t dreaming this time

I want a crazy love.


Give me intoxicating kisses tasting of honey and lazy Sunday’s Tanqueray and tonics.

Sweet love that will hold your fears safely in my lap, understanding and patience

Trust as deep as the roots of the Wild Fig Tree, seemingly endless and strong

Not just the promises of love but the actions as well


And bright alabaster truth above all else, a truth that shines light onto everything that surrounds us

A love like we’ve never had before

I want a crazy love.


“Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary Love, it’s a waste of your time. There are too many mediocre things in life, Love shouldn’t be one of them.” ~ Dreams for an Insomniac


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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Manish Ghosh/Pixoto


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