May 3, 2015

For those who are Lost & Struggling.

lost and struggling

We’ve been flopping around like confused fish, out of water, trying so hard to navigate our way through the crowded cobblestone streets of this beautiful, f*cked up world.

It’s painful.

And, it can feel dark and lonely, with our hands outstretched and shaking, desperately grasping for an unknown something.


It’s okay to struggle.

It’s okay to be desperate.

It’s okay to be lost.

It’s okay to be uncertain.

It’s okay to be ashamed, angry, envious or frustrated.

It’s okay to feel what we feel.

We need to feel it.

Because when we’re stuck in our own muck and spiraling downward at lightning fast speeds, flying miles past frustrated, our souls are trying to tell us something.


They’re screaming for us to finally take notice.

They’re begging, pleading for us to finally take a good, hard look at how we’re living.

Do you hear their whispers?

They’re saying, “Look here!”

“Look at how you’ve been denying the oceanic depths of your purely delicious potential.”

“Look at how you’ve clipped off your heart’s iridescent wings, choosing to crawl rather than soar.”

“Look at how you’ve been secretly hiding in shrouded shadows, scared sh*tless of your own shining light.”

It hurts. It hurts like hell to hear this.

Don’t turn away.

We have to gather the crystalline pearls of this luscious wisdom and keep going.

Because the very nature of our struggle is magical and medicinal.

Our pain is incredibly powerful. It can ignite dying embers inside our exhausted hearts and make our spirits bloom like the brightest fireworks.

It can make us stand up, dance, shout, be f*cking brave, passionate and truly alive again.

We have to keep going.

Because this pain, this sweet and bitter pain, it can crack us wide f*cking open.

This is a gift beyond all meaning.

Because once we’re shattered and split open, we can peel back our sharp layers, one by one. Then, in the tiny crevices of our stinging brokenness, we can find seeds of wisdom, potential and little wildflowers, containing hand-written notes that tell us how to begin again.

We will breathe, seemingly for the first time ever, and feel raw hope course through our crumpled veins like sweet candied wildfire, giving us goosebumps deep, deep inside.

With our soul’s blueprint in our hands and renewed hope in our hearts, we can rebuild brilliantly from the rusty scraps of wreckage.

We can bloom fiercely into who we always wanted to be.

We can unfurl into who we are meant to become.

It will hurt, but we are no strangers to pain.

Let the pain drip in and listen some more.


Bow down to your soul’s screaming pleas.

This is it.

This is the chance to stand up, stop bullsh*tting ourselves and start living like we mean it.

This is it.

Claim this moment proudly and hold its gem-like preciousness in the palms of your sweaty hands.

Close your eyes.

Let the weight of the world crush you, spilling the beautiful contents of your pulsating heart onto bustling street corners of this busy universe.

Let yourself blossom and burst open like mad, spray-painting every city’s skyline with the glowing neon rays of your own incandescent radiance.

Scream out loud and say, “Yes! It’s f*cking time!”

Because this is it.

Reach out and and claim the sh*t out of this painfully beautiful moment.

It’s a golden-tinged, divinely delicious opportunity.

It’s all yours.


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Author: Sarah Harvey

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: courtesy of author

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