May 15, 2015

I Aim to Live a Small Life.


I aim to live a small, exquisite life.

Relatively speaking, not many people will know of me, and my name will never be chronicled in the annals of history.

But my life, this precious little life, I will make the most of it.

I will remember my ancestors in this life, and honor their lessons.

I will practice patience in my words and actions, and strive for the best possible marriage of truth and honesty.

The decisions made by my compassionate self will outweigh the decisions made in a spirit of competition.

I aim to build character upon a foundation of complexity, upon multi-dimensional pillars of perception.

I will arm myself with kindness, and speak in tongues of love.

To live a small, but great, life, I must see the greatness in even the tiniest of creatures, a whisper of a sound, a hint of breeze.

I must be as happy standing in the pouring rain as sipping a cup of warm coffee; I must be inspired by every present moment and bask in the perfection of the journey which I shall never really see all at once.

I must accept every limitation as an opportunity to grow within; recognizing that no expansion can be sustainable without the appropriate amount of resistance to balance the scales. I must learn to joyfully walk the balance bar of life as it provides ample opportunity for everything I wish to learn, and many more things I may not want to learn but are necessary for me to thrive.

I aim for a small, but adventurous life. Time is my ship, and I am its Captain.

I sail the high seas calmly, and weather each storm gracefully. Life does not exist to oblige me; and yet, I live in order to oblige my own nature. I am fully human, fully aware of my shortcomings and equally aware of my ability to subtly shift enough energy to invoke enormous shifts in the vibrational field.

I recognize my own power multiplied by millions and billions, and I use it to generate a permanent imprint on the collective consciousness.

I recognize that each human steps into the projection of another, and how I create my projection is how I create other human beings.

I recognize the responsibility in creating the vision of myself to be molds for future humans.

I recognize that I am accountable for who I am in this present moment.

I am in service to all that which has passed; my brethren of life and love, and the children born and unborn forging a new world. I am in service to all things joyful; I am in service to experience and exploration.

I am in service to big ideas, big minds, big conversations. I am in service to love and laughter, neither of which require words to give them form. I am in service to the unnameable qualities, the mysteries of existence and time; I am in service to the secret of life.

I want to invoke a sense of greatness in even just one person. I want to feel great, really great—breathe in, breathe out—and let go of all of it just the same.

I want to tell tales of my friends, of their triumphs and glories, rather than my own. I want to write inspiring stories no one will ever read and feel within me the echo of voices across the universe lending me their song.

I want to dance with life, and live with love, and have no fear when death draws down the final curtain.

I want to have a small life, a meaningful life.

A life that is a story worth telling, but not glamorous-important, but not pretentious. I want to be remembered well by a few people, but not at all by most.

A few people, remembering me well.

That is the life I want.



10 Ridiculously Simple Habits for a Happy & Healthy Life.

Author: Nastassja Antonia

Editor: Travis May

Photo: Used with Permission by Joshua Ramsay



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