May 3, 2015

In Waters now Sacred. {Poem}

Travis Wise/Flickr

Back in that time,

That time which haunts me,
My world
Black, silver and white
Like shades of the moon,
We merged like waves
Into each other
Over and over.

Let me climb inside of you,
I whispered.
Like a bright-eyed little girl
For your sturdy frame
Your shoulders
Your ribs
Like the bones of a ship
Promising safety
From these waters
And their drama.

But my eyes chose to not see
The crimson red
Flags of truth
Waving in droves
Whipping subtly under your words
Which my ears would not hear
For the attention of my senses.

But when our sky grew stern
Our dark waters turned against us,
White capped waves
Crashed cold and hard
I watched through salty tears
As you turned to splinters
Sharp like knives
And slowly sunk
Into the depths.

Left alone.
Thrashing around
I fold into myself
Into these shoulders
These ribs
This healing heart
Sturdy and strong.
I lull and rock myself
Until the clouds clear.

The water, the sky and me
Varying shades of blue
Surrounded by stillness
Water like a mirror
I see myself
All of my self
On the other side
My mast
Arms spread wide
In waters now sacred.


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Author: Katie Vessel

Apprentice Editor: Toby Israel/ Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Flickr, courtesy of author

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