May 14, 2015

Mercury Retrograde: It’s Time to Make things Right.

Bill MurrayGroundhog-Day

Mercury retrograde will be occurring from May 18 to June 11.

I love retrogrades because they give us a second, and sometimes even third or fourth chance to make things right. Think of it as the Groundhog Day of the stars, and while Bill Murray may not be there to make us laugh along the way, the universe is giving us all one more shot to make it right.

“Mercury retrograde is about embracing change.” ~ Demetrius Bagley

We are standing at a crossroads in our life—but this is not a new situation. We recognize our surroundings and realize that no matter what, certain things aren’t just going to go away. We know that we’ve been here before, possibly many times. But something about this time just feels different—it’s the accumulation of all of the chances we’ve had in the past few years.

While some may look at them as missed chances, they weren’t because they were all much needed lessons that were leading up to this moment in our lives.

Ever since the Pluto Uranus squares in 2012, our lives have been shaken up and rearranged in ways we never expected. It’s not just physical changes that have taken place, but emotional, mental and spiritual growth as well. We are not the people that we were only a few years ago, so much has changed that it would be impossible for us to remain the same.

And still, we find ourselves here. At the corner of “how did I get here and am I finally ready?”

We have to stop questioning it, and ourselves. We know more than we give ourselves credit for, and we’re about as ready as we ever will be. It’s the time to leave self-doubt in the past. Our lives will only be as amazing as the chances we let ourselves take.

Have faith that everything has played out exactly as it was meant to.

For the next few weeks we’re going to be revisiting various themes that are coming up once again for review. It may be that a career move is on the horizon, or an opportunity to move or travel is presenting itself yet again. Whatever it is, something from our past will be coming back up for review, this time we have to take our time, and not let fear rule our decisions.

If we let our heart lead the way, we won’t be led astray.

Because of the powerful new moon in Taurus that is occurring on the first day of the retrograde, there is a strong influence of relationships on this retrograde, specifically romantic, and of a soul-mate nature.

Those people who are cosmically aware may find a strong connection between the experiences they have with their lover and the periods of retrograde each year. During the retrograde we are asked to not think, but to feel, and for many of us that will mean being drawn to those people that we feel the strongest for—the relationships where the gravitational pull is as strong as the moon.

This is not the time for trying to mentally figure everything out, or to make lists to solve problems. Mercury, the planet of communication, will be slowing down our ability to communicate our deepest feelings and thoughts. Luckily, sometimes we don’t always need words to express what needs to be said.

Don’t fight the tides of change, whatever is happening in our lives, trust it—it’s the process we were meant to experience. Although the planets can influence our brains and hearts, only we have the power to create change in our lives. That being said, sometimes the universe will push our hand and call our bluff; it’s not always an easy ride, but it is one that’s always worthwhile.

Know when to hold them and know when to fold.

Almost two weeks ago we had the edgy full moon in Scorpio, a time of death and releasing those things that were no longer serving us. If we had difficulty with the theme of letting go in any area of our lives, this Mercury retrograde will help us with the final stages. But, with the new moon in Taurus softening us all with a romantic blur, this letting go phase isn’t about what we are losing.

This is all about what will be gained by letting go. It’s about having the courage to make the choice to move from one phase in our life to another, and letting the universe reward us for taking chances.

Trust in the timing of the universe and those chances that keep appearing in our lives. They are there for a reason. This isn’t a time to rush through the lessons though. Just like Mercury slows down, so do we. We become more introspective, and quiet. We need the quiet to sort through everything in our mind and to make sense of all the change that has happened both externally and internally in our lives.

Although the need to slow down may have us wishing for some quiet time, things tend to move very quickly in a retrograde, and we may find that our life is different on June 11th than it was on May 18th—and you know what? That’s okay.

Live in the moment, and love in the heart.

And ask yourself, if today was all there was, what would you be doing differently?

“Well, What if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.” ~ Phil (Bill Murray), Groundhog Day







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