May 7, 2015

Motherhood is a lifelong commitment to Loving, Encouraging & Helping the Family. {Photos}

Big Love. Small World.

With thanks to our media partner, Vitamin Angels, for sharing such sweet stories for this Mother’s Day! See the first in the series: Inspiring Photos: Celebrating the grace & grit of Mothers around the World. And the second in the series: How Mothers in our Communities Help & Heal Us.

A flurry of little kisses on the forehead. Delighted clapping for an unexpected achievement. An enormous hug full of comfort and support. A mother’s love goes far beyond words, and means the same, no matter what language she speaks.

And no matter where she lives, motherhood is a lifelong commitment to loving, encouraging, and helping her child live a happy, successful, and healthy life.

Motherhood is Hopes and Dreams.

One desire every mother can relate to is helping her children achieve their hopes and dreams.

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Learning to walk, or talk, or tie their shoes are tiny steps forward that bring tremendous joy. Helping their children acquire new skills and watching them succeed is rewarding for moms and children alike.

Each milestone is cause for celebration.

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Moms have so much to give to their children from lending support through the struggles to proudly sharing in the triumphs.

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A mother’s love gives her children the strength to endure all manner of hardship—and her hug lasts long after she lets go.

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Children learn from the example set by their moms. Odelia told us that her four-year-old, Mildred, follows her around the house and copies everything she does…even washing the dishes!

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When we speak with the numerous moms we meet around the world, we always ask what their hopes and dreams are for their children.

Over and over again we hear the same aspiration: they want their child be happy and healthy.

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Moms benefitting from our programs across the U.S. shared their hopes and dreams:

“To be happy, healthy and feel loved.” ~ Massachusetts

“My hopes and dreams for my baby are that she is born healthy and grow up with success and happiness.”  ~ California

“As a parent, I hope my child is healthy. I hope my child feels how loved they are and know what a true blessing they are to this world. I want them to be happy.”  ~ Florida

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Across the United States, expectant and breastfeeding moms come to pregnancy clinics and resource centers to receive free prenatal vitamins that will help their children get a healthy start toward a brighter future.

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In Kenya, a mom named Elizabeth told us she used to eat soil. This condition known as “pica,” was her body’s attempt to get nutrients from wherever she could find them. At 20 weeks, Elizabeth started receiving prenatal care and vitamins. Thanks in part to that support, Elizabeth’s twin boys were born healthy and now are in a better position to achieve Elizabeth’s dream for them to grow up to help her and the community.

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There is no question; moms everywhere will move mountains to ensure that their children can achieve their dreams.

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Almost from the moment a woman decides to, or becomes pregnant, an intense need to care for and protect her child is born. And as her child grows, so do her hopes and dreams for the child’s future. It’s a bond that unites moms no matter where they live.

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The responsibilities and unknowns of motherhood can be daunting enough. We’re doing our part to help eliminate worries about health, so moms can focus on the joys that motherhood brings.

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One thing all moms and moms-to-be know is the important role that good nutrition plays in the healthy development of their children. Unfortunately, not all mothers have access to a varied diet rich in essential nutrients.

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At Vitamin Angels, we believe every mom, no matter where she lives, deserves to give birth to happy, vibrant babies and watch their child be able to fulfill their dreams. Vitamins help mothers have safe and healthy pregnancies, and help give children a healthy start to life. Join us.

All Photos: Courtesy of Vitamin Angels

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