May 18, 2015

Read Me.


We are all walking novels, a mixture of genres.

Our love life is romance, our struggles are drama, our secrets are mystery/thriller and our fears are horror.

We are all books in this huge library called Earth.

We aren’t arranged in alphabetical order. We are chaos. We can get borrowed and never return. Our stories are different and thrilling with lots of twist and turns. Unexpected. We all have different covers, beautiful colourful ones, dull ones, paperback and hardcover. Variation.

And as we all know, never judge a book by it’s cover.

Sometimes careless people ruin our amusing cover and tear it apart. They leave us brutally bruised with beautiful colours like blue and purple. They lie to you saying those aren’t bruises, those are trapped galaxies under your skin.

Don’t believe them.

They use you too much, consume you and blame it on how much they need you or how they can’t let you go, yet you never complain. You intrigue them and become their favourite company for a while, then they leave you for the dust on their bookshelf. Then they barely let their fingertips caress your pages anymore, their eyes don’t meet your words, they don’t marvel at how well chosen and witty they are.

They are done reading between your lines.

No, they are even done reading your lines. They have discovered you and unleashed your secrets. To them you’re no longer interesting, so don’t go around begging them to read you.

Others might always come back to you and re-read you, maybe even memorise their favourite part.

They want to dig deeper.

Your cliffhangers don’t satisfy them. They don’t surrender to not knowing. Keeping up with you is what they do…they are dedicated, no matter how complicated it gets.

They criticise you for your own good.

Because you are their favourite they skip sleep to be with you.

You’ll never get to make everyone enjoy and like what they’re reading, so don’t bother trying to do so.




Author: Rawan Hani Khalil

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Petrus Arianto at Pixoto 

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