May 11, 2015

Simply You. {Poem}

Garrett Paknis

Warning: adult language below! 


Say yes.

Swear so good.

Promise. Stand up for them.

Command. Get greedy.

So selfish. So you.

Own your universe.

Make plans. Rearrange them.

Get back up.



Move. Wave goodbye.

Feel it break you open.



Laugh. Fart.

Buy yourself something that’s free. Keep it safe, hidden in view.

Throw away the key.

Say a prayer.

Look around. Breathe it in.

Bite someone. Hard.

Run towards freedom.

Stop running.

Stop saying. Stop doing.



Just. Be.



Walk the path. Take the left.

Boys kiss boys. Girls kiss girls.

Salty. Yummy like lightning.

Zig zag.


Make rules only to break them.

Shrug your shoulders. Don’t care.

Time is an illusion.

Love is the solution.

Rhyme like a motherfucker.

Bless the bitchings of the past. Bless that itch on your ass.

Bless. It. All.

Dance in the rain. Topless.

Your nipples need love too.

So does your vagina. And your penis too.

If you have both, give me a call.

I want to get to know you.


Simply You.




Author: Garrett Paknis

Editor: Renee Picard 

Photos: Garrett Paknis


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