May 21, 2015

Slowly, I Turn into Fire. {Poem}

Photo: poolski / Flickr

Gradually, I turn into fire.

The fire of focus burning all the way through me.
Turning me into a lightning rod bearing the wisdom that’s innate to me.
Burning through the What If’s, Should Be’s and all the Maybe’s.
Burning through the bullshit, game playing and what’s restrained me.
Slowly I’m turning into the fire of purpose and it becomes me.
Lights me up from the inside until I am made clean.
Setting flames to my limitations until I become Me.
And Me is a pseudonym for The Mighty.
Me is a pseudonym for “I can see.”
Me is a pseudonym for the holy.

Slowly I turn into fire because purpose ignites me.
Slowly I turn into fire because I was sent to help others be free.
I am a rebel and a prophet and I’ll help you BE-lieve
in the truthful paradox that defines and sets the line
between who is genuine and who is lying.
Who is hateful and who is divine.
Who is a sorcerer and who is caught in their mind.

Slowly we are learning the difference between the truthful and our thoughts
and the secret? Let’s not keep it, because it frees us when we speak it
Our blood pumping, moving atoms into space, embracing every trace
between two bodies we are connected through these invisible waves.

And fire should somehow make you bigger.
The smoke that fills the room reaching more corners than before you lit her.
Transforming something hard and dark and cold into a hard hitter.
This is not the fire that leaves destruction in its wake,
it is the fire that warms the room and forces those who are sleeping to stir and wake
to move their restless bones and find the courage now to shake
the fear and paralysis and over-analysis that is the signature of the powerless
Making us stronger, as we realize this is our responsibility
and we have the ability to effect change.




5 Tips to Help Us Live our Purpose.


Author: Psalm Pollock

Volunteer Editor: Kim Haas / Editor: Travis May

Image: poolski / Flickr

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