May 14, 2015

Tips from the BolderBoulder: How to make your favorite Race or Run Eco & Socially-Responsible.

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Green, socially-responsible tips for your favorite 10K:

Green your run:

> Use old or second-hand clothes for running
> Ditch the plastic water bottle. Get an eco, reuseable water bottle as your exercise companion
> Choose eco or socially-responsible companies when buying running shoes
> Bike or walk to your exercise destination. Don’t hop into the car to exercise!

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Enjoy Exercising Every Time.
BolderBoulder eco facts

More information from BolderBoulder:

BolderBOULDER distributes 427,500 aid station cups that service over 50,000 runners on Memorial Day. Making the switch from non-compostable to compostable cups will ensure the highest diversion rate in the history of the race. The change will result in a total diversion rate of 85% for the 2015 BolderBOULDER raising it by almost 25% from last year. We are hoping to hit the 90% diversion rate by 2016 which would make us a zero waste event.

We are mindful of the fact that our race has an environmental impact on the community and want to do everything we can to reduce, reuse, recycle and conserve,” said Cliff Bosley,

The lunch sack that is distributed post-race used to be packed in plastic bags. For the 2003 race, Cliff wanted to provide a keepsake for runners for the 25th anniversary of the BolderBOULDER and created the re-usable lunch bag. After the 2003 race, Cliff took a look at the stadium and the Fieldhouse and realized how much less waste the race accumulated because of the change and decided it would become an annual thing. The first sponsor of the lunch bag was Celestial Seasonings and then after was White Wave and because of these sponsors we are able to offset some of the cost to provide the lunch bag to participants each year.

BolderBoulder started using the shoe timing tags in 2007 and is able to capture 90% of the timing tags each year to reuse for the next year. Most races these days use disposable bib timing tags that are used only one time and go into the trash immediately after a race.

Achilles Boulder is an adaptive sports program and this year they will have disabled athletes (mostly blind) running the BolderBOULDER with guides. The BolderBOULDER comps all the guide runners and most of the athletes in this program.

We also work with a veterans group in Longmont called Vets Helping Vets Now and comp the runners in their program. See the video below highlighting one of their volunteers in the I AM BOLDER program. George is also a vet himself and got help from Vets Helping Vets Now when he returned from his deployment and now likes to volunteer his time to the organization by helping PTSD victims through massage therapy.

Beyond Limits helps athletes with developmental disabilities train for the BolderBOULDER. The race also completely comps this group, they are awesome.

This year we will also put about 2,500 kids through the BB Racers program. BB Racers was created in 1996 to encourage students to participate in after-school fitness programs and develop a life-long commitment to health and fitness. All BB Racers receive a significant discount for the race (and those who cannot pay, we comp) as well as train the coaches at their school and put all the kids through a 10 week training program so that by the time they run the race they are prepared and have fun. We also house all of our BB Racers from the eastern plains in CU dorms on race weekend so they are not getting up four in the morning to make the trip to Boulder, and there they get to hang with CU student athletes and have a pizza party in the Dal Ward athletic center while they are here.

And last but not least, we put on 12 satellite races at military bases all over the world. We send them t-shirts and other materials so that they can put on their very own BolderBOULDER. We also send all the racers a comp so that when they return from deployment, they can come run the BolderBOULDER for free.

I AM BOLDER participant George Romero, a veteran running with FastForward Sports and trying to get back into shape to keep up with his two-year-old son:

About BolderBOULDER:

The BolderBOULDER, named America’s All-Time Best 10K by Runner’s World, is the 4th largest running race in the United States and the 7th largest in the world. The race attracts over 50,000 runners, joggers, walkers and wheelchair racers, and draws professional athletes from around the world to compete for one of the largest non-marathon prize purses in road racing. The 2015 race starts at 30th and Walnut and winds through Boulder neighborhoods with live music and entertainment at every corner. The race finishes at the University of Colorado’s Folsom Field and attracts over 100,000 spectators. The 37th annual BolderBOULDER will be held on Memorial Day, May 25th, 2015.


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