May 22, 2015

What the Dating Profile of a Bad A$$ Heroine looks Like!

Clark - Bada$$ Heroine 1

I am perfectly imperfect.

I take responsibility for my stuff.

I seize circumstances/opportunities.

I do not live in a box (never will).

I do not believe in a glass ceiling.

I try to be honest without tearing down or belittling the other.

I am patient but will not wait on you.

I am independent and strong but also know how to be vulnerable.

I do not count on needing a hero because I am my own hero and my own best friend as I have learned the hard way that people are human too and that is why I take responsibility for me.

I am kind of like the Black Widow in Avengers: complex, mindful and I can pack a mean punch when I have to. I’m just looking for a partner in the crime avenging world to share time with.

Jerry Maguire had nothing on Captain America or Iron Man; I just don’t need someone to complete me,
I won’t play second to anyone on this planet.

If I cannot shine the way I was designed to shine, then I know where I stand and politely remove myself; it is about mutuality, respect and compassion.

I possess a resilience like you’ve never seen and, no, I am unable to leap a building in a single bound—I do it the meaningful way, one step at a time with ropes and pulleys.

I have the enthusiasm of a race horse at the gate in the Kentucky Derby and have learned through experience that slow and steady wins the race, as said the turtle.

I don’t drink or smoke because I have enough trouble staying present without those mind/body altering chemicals (I do not mind if you drink and it has to be the exception and not the rule)…and because I am lovingly imperfect, I still use and sometimes abuse caffeine, sugar and animal products.

I am trying to convince myself that Yoga is good and I know once I start I will love it.

I would rather be “experiencing” life than watching TV,
Having meaningful conversations with strangers,
Offering hope to those who are going through similar experiences.

I am secure in knowing “what” is in my suitcase and if I get to know you well enough, I will even show you my badges of courage and mementos of heartache from my past because I do believe that which does not kill you makes you stronger and I have been told I am bad ass—I have no shame.

So, about you and what I am looking for: I do not care if you are Republican/Democrat, own/hate guns…what I do expect is kindness for all living things (remember I eat meat too and I have rescue dogs), compassion and affection is a must, emotionally intelligent along with a logical side to be well-informed, you need to know you and be comfortable enough with yourself to know and say when you are uncomfortable.

I need you to be messy and broken and come to the table knowing how to solve your own crimes. There is no room for apathy for a true Avenger. I need you to be strong and vulnerable, like me. All others need not apply.



Date a Man Who Knows You are Magical.


Author: Kathy Clark

Editor: Travis May

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