May 5, 2015

Why Meditating is Hard.


The reason meditation is hard is the same reason it is necessary.

It is because we wire what we fire.

We are creatures of habit and whatever habit we are practicing regularly is the one that is going to be easiest.

Our regular habits are like six-lane highways. Fast and easy to travel.

Whereas our new habits—like meditating—are like trying to walk in deep snow. The act can be slow and treacherous.

And isn’t this what meditation can feel like when we are just starting out? Slow and treacherous?

But what is so amazing about meditation practice is that a little goes a long way.

Our brains are so malleable, so dynamic, so easy to change.

I know it doesn’t feel easy but the actual mechanism to make changes to our own operating system is quite simple.

It just takes some commitment, a loving- compassionate attitude to ourselves and a small amount of time.

Because aren’t you tired of having the same thoughts all of the time? Thoughts that you aren’t interested in thinking? Thoughts that are old and ragged and no longer serve who you want to be now?

I know I am.

That is why we need to practice steering our attention away from these thoughts. And that is all it is—practice.

If we are finding it difficult at first it isn’t because we aren’t good at meditating. It isn’t because we are too restless or too crazy. It is just that we need more practice.

The cool thing is once we get good at steering our attention away from our thoughts there are all kind of amazing places we can steer our attention.

For example, we made suddenly be able to really listening to our loved ones speak instead of being distracted by our own plans and opinions. It could also manifest as actually tasting our food or feeling the comfort of our own beds.

But this takes practice.

Further, I bet there are lot’s of other things in your life that were once hard and were now easy. Things you had to learn and work on and stay dedicated to.

Well, that is all that the meditation practice is asking of you and in return you’ll get a fresh new perspective on old surroundings and your self.

The fact that meditation is hard isn’t a reason not to try. On the contrary and in the case of meditation this is exactly the reason to give it a go.


Author: Ruth Lera

Editor: Alli Sarazen

Photo: asa_yoga_meditating/Flickr

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