May 27, 2015

Yoga Art to Inspire Your Practice & Brighten Your Day.

Seizinn 1

The spine twist pose: Ardhamatsyendrasana.

I was born in India and have always had a strong interest in the arts.

I was not generally encouraged to pursue it, but luckily I found my path by dropping out of college, supporting myself to do what I really wanted to do and so far I am doing ace. It’s been just recent years where I have thoroughly devoted myself to doing arts and paint what really magnifies me.

Classic contemporary realism blows me away.

Seizinn 2

The floor bridge pose: Supta Vajrasana.

I love to be creative and express through many mediums possible. I choose the one most accessible at the moment of inspiration.

My digital works portray loud emotions and bit of eccentric vigour, while my oil paintings are mild and portray the subtle side of myself.

These yoga artworks have been a complete meditative escape, different than the rest. They not only have brought the best from my own practice but also have simplified the way to perceive yoga in the simplest, most fun loving form.

Seizinn 4

The tortoise pose: Ardhakurmasana.

I am blessed to have an appreciative class of people around me who find my work interesting. This is a huge part of what keeps me going.

Classical femininity captivates me. Woman convey not grace and beauty, but also something deep and natural, something which seems given and not manipulated with an intention to achieve.

Seizinn 3

Standing separate leg stretching pose.

About art and the magic that makes it one of a kind, I can say that it’s better to be a mirror than a picture; it’s better to express than impress.

It’s better to spend time on reflection of the deeper meaning of a piece than the actual painting.

That’s why the best ones are the honest ones.

So I do what puts me in that place, what connects me to the greater force In myself, what helps me discover a little more about me every time I look within.




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All original works featured are by the author. For more and to purchase her original tote bags, check out her website.






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Author: Sejz Inn

Editor: Renée Picard

Images: original artwork via the author




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