June 3, 2015

Gods in Love. {Poem}

gods love art

Warning: naughty language ahead.

We were gods

Tasting each morsel of each others skin
Lapping up the liquefied love pouring from our bodies
We were gods
Casting lightning bolts across each others limbs
Rolling thunder under our eyelids and behind our ears
We were gods
Rolling to the rhythms of the universe
Sweating in the blazing heat of our lust, our love
We were gods
Volcanic lava dancing hot with the intention of staying
Wild feet running bare and strong on the desert sand
We were gods
Locking sea green eyes and ashen oak acorn tight
Fitting and filling luscious rivers dancing on our tongues
We are like gods
Fit to love and bleed and fuck and fight
Born to grow and shed and burst open into the light.




Petrichor. {Poem}


Author: Farrah T. Schwab

Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: YesimTekin/Deviantart

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