June 4, 2015

How Elephant Journal will Change Your Life.

Author's own (Kate Rose)

Elephant Journal is not just a publication to provide lighthearted lunchtime amusement while we take a break from the hassles of our day—Elephant Journal is a lifestyle.

“Write hard and clear about what hurts.” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Unlike other publications, Elephant Journal lets its writers create articles from their hearts and souls and all of the dark spaces in between. We are encouraged to explore the world over to find experiences that slip through the stars in our eyes into the stories we spin for our readers.

Elephant Journal is the epitome of free speech embodied into indie journalism.

We cover every topic one can think of and, if we haven’t, just give us a day or so and we are bound to write about it.

No subject is off limits or taboo. Spend an hour or so perusing the pages of Elephant Journal and you can learn about what it means to be an empath, the most delicious new recipe for banana baked oatmeal, why we should be having sex every day, how to channel your inner goddess and what it means to be a free range parent.

There are articles about full moon rituals, yoni massage and the benefits of being able to give good head. The writers cover everything we never knew we needed and just like our soulmate, it calls to the secret place inside of our hearts -just one taste is all it takes, and we all come back for more.

Spend a little bit more time on Elephant Journal and readers can learn all about this eclectic guy named Waylon Lewis and how he is single handedly changing the face of journalism and the profession of writing.

It’s a lifestyle in the most honest, authentic way possible and, if we aren’t sure what that means, we can find out by reading articles that say “Fuck It & how to live an authentic life.”

Elephant Journal writers step outside of their comfort zone, and are willing to write about the moments in our lives not so much as to share our stories, but to show readers that they are, in fact, not alone.

It’s only a mirage that to be alone is the human condition, because as writers we prove that is simply not the case.

Elephant Journal writers are those with tears streaming down our muddy faces, our hair in knots and our eyes blazing with the fury of truth. We are those who have been to the bottom of our souls and climbed our way back out again. We have been divorced, married, single, had children and made the decision to not have any children. We are the midnight drinkers of whiskey and a morning joint before our yoga practice, we are vegans and those who love some good old fashioned comfort food. We are lovers of life, and will write out every inch of our hearts—because that is all that we know how to do.

We go for all or nothing and put a bit of ourselves into each and every article we write.

Because to us, writers, Elephant Journal isn’t just an online publication—it’s a home.

We are the truth speakers and eternal optimists; we are the future of not only journalism but of the entire writing profession. We are those who challenge the rules, and wish to create change within the lyrical breath of our words.

Any life change or lifestyle can be found on Elephant Journal. We aren’t just a unique publication; we offer the rule book for how to live a life that feels good all the way down to our souls.

We are the truth of the world and the dreams in the hearts of the hopeful.

Elephant Journal is the breath of fresh air and the change we are all seeking and, if we let it, it has the power to change our lives.


Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Photo: Author’s own

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