Let’s Wear Wild. {Poem}

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woman sketch

Let’s run away

And taste the clouds

We’ll dream the moon

And dance the waves


Let’s lose our minds

And forget our fears

We’ll live the nights

The endless stars


Let’s wear wild

And find our freedom

We’ll eat our echoes

And tempt the truth


Let’s touch tears

And hold each harmony

We’ll race the rivers

And skirt the sun


Let’s run away

And find who we lost

We’ll love like we’re home

And feel each new dawn



This is for the Wild Ones: 25 Brilliant Images of Rare Beauty.


Author: Skylar Liberty Rose

Apprentice Editor: Brandie Smith/Editor: Catherine Monkman

Photo: Used with permission from Elina Tserlin.

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About Skylar Liberty Rose

Skylar Liberty Rose is a writer, blogger and creator of the Fierce Female Mantras and #15SecondMantra Series. Her articles and poetry have received wide acclaim and have been instrumental in her continuing journey to self acceptance. She believes in creativity as a form of healing and is passionate about manifesting her dreams. Skylar is an advocate of stripping away layers of conditioning and instead discovering the unique truth within. She is inspired by souls with spirit and courageous hearts. She grew up in London and now lives in New York City with her husband. You can connect with her on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and her blog.


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