The Phenomenon & Meaning of 11:11: The Twin Flame Connection.

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I have always noticed repetitive number sequences that the universe presents to me.

When I was younger, I noticed them, but didn’t pay much attention to them. As I have gotten older and became more knowledgeable about synchronicity and the mystical elements of the universe, I am much more aware of them and the signs or lessons they represent in our lives.

“11:11 is the Universe knocking itself out to give you evidence of your alignment.” ~ Abraham Hicks

I have a double birthday (2-22), meaning that my birth month and day are all the same number. According to numerology, old souls frequently have birthdays with higher vibrations, such as double digits. It is also those same individuals who usually are more tuned into the messages the universe sends us through number sequences.

Every number sequence has a different meaning, and those may also differ slightly for us in our personal lives. The number sequence 11:11 is the most well-known and noticed sequence, appearing on clocks, license plates, and receipts. Many of us make wishes when we see this number but most don’t understand the importance of this number.

According to numerology the number 11 possesses the qualities of patience, honesty, spirituality, sensitivity, intuition and is idealistic and compassionate. Those people who are drawn to 11, operate on a different level of energy than most, and when two people come together who both have this type of energy it’s almost combustible. twin flame 3

11:11 is the universe’s way of urging us to pay attention to our heart, our soul and our inner intuition. It’s serving as a wake-up call to us so that opportunities are not missed in this lifetime. Seeing this particular sequence means that the universe is trying to have us open our eyes and begin paying more attention to the synchronicities around us.

Ever think about someone and suddenly they call or text? Or you see their name places, or meet people by the same name? Do you physically run into someone that has been running through your conscious or unconscious mind? These are not coincidences, but synchronicities.

The Universe tries to show us the way through small signs, but the trick is we have to be ready to listen to them.

Seeing 11:11 also is a sign of experiencing accelerated soul growth, which means that we may soon be finding ourselves living the life we had previously only thought about. Our inner world is changing and we may find people and events coming unexpectedly into our lives—but at just the right time.

Many of us sometimes believe we know better than the universe––but the universe won’t ever bring us anything we aren’t ready for, and the truth of it is, readiness is just an illusion anyway. No one can really ever be ready for anything. We only have to have faith that everything happens for a reason, and that it will all work out exactly as it is meant to.

11:11 is also the sign that our Twin Flame is or will be manifesting themselves in our lives. Twin Flames are an esoteric concept that describes a unique soul connection between two people. Twin Flames are considered to be an example of an eternal type of relationship between two lovers.

The thought behind Twin Flames versus Soul Mates, is that we are beginning a new era in human evolution where relationships will begin to highly enhance the spiritual growth between lovers. Our lovers won’t just be someone whom we love or who fits into our lives—they will be someone who makes us want to become a better person.

According to the mythology of Twin Flames, in the beginning of time we were created from one source of energy and that was split into smaller and smaller units until they were down to just two souls. These souls would journey to Earth to learn and experience duality and the lessons of life, and they would reincarnate over their lifetimes with this same intensifying longing for each other.

twin flame 2

Twin Flames are a higher frequency than just Soul Mates because they are the ultimate example of the Ying/Yang. They are each two whole individual souls on their own, but they complement, understand and connect in a very unique way. They are also called Tunnel Mates, because they emit the exact same frequency of vibration, which accounts for a strong feeling of energies when they are physically around one another.

If you’ve ever had someone in your life that you can’t quite describe the connection with, then there is a strong chance this person is your Twin Flame. When we meet our Twin Flame in our current life there will be a high level of comfort, intimacy, understanding of each other and a sense of peace—it’s the feeling of returning home.

Soul Mates can be brought into our lives in platonic friendships, or those who are meant to help change our lives––we may have 10 different soul mates we experience in this lifetime, but there is only ever one Twin Flame.

When we see 11:11 it means that our Twin Flame is ready to manifest itself physically in our lives. We may both be aware of the meeting of our energies that soon will take place—there is often the feeling that something is going to happen soon. We are becoming more aware of the subtle energies and invisible thread that connects us all. We may even experience non-physical guides helping to bring two Twin Flames together. These guides can be the universe, or even those souls who have left earth already.

The most important thing when we see 11:11 is to pay attention to the signs we are being given, our dreams that we are having and, of course, to always make a wish.





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Wikipedia—Twin Flames

Twin Flame Sacred Keys



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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Travis May

Photos: Wikipedia, Video Stills


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Kate Rose

Kate Rose is an artist, free thinker, lover, writer, passionate yogi, teacher, mother, rule breaker, and rebel. She can usually be found walking barefoot in the moonlight between worlds with the dreams of stars still hanging in her hair, swaying her hips to the music of life and smelling of sweet bourbon and honeysuckle. She lives for adventure and wakes each morning with the excitement of a new day waiting to unfold at her feet. She truly believes the best is yet to come and waits, with bated breath, to see what it may hold. Follow her on TwitterFacebook or Instagram, and find more of her words on her website

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anonymous Apr 6, 2016 1:16pm

I've known this guy for a short while now, but last year I as I was looking at a roster for something, I found that we had the same birthday, 11/3 and 11/3. Could this be a sign?

anonymous Mar 26, 2016 12:44pm

I’ve been seeing 11:11 and 1:11 on the clock for abt 4 years. Also seeing 111 or 1111 everywhere! It drives me nuts because I know it means something but I don’t know what. When it first started happening, I told my husband about it and he thought I was crazy. Not long after that, he started seeing it too. I find some comfort in it. I’ve tried to keep track of it. But every time I do it stops! I gave up on that! I feel like I must be special in some way that this is happening to me. I’d be sad if it stopped.

anonymous Mar 10, 2016 6:39am

I just started dating someone. I feel calm whenever I'm around him. I don't ever fret wondering how he feels about me. This new relationship is a whole new level of comfort for me. I was able to tell him all my baggage without fear of him thinking or treating me differently. We often will see 11:11, the both of us. We make a point of taking a picture of it and sending it together. This article gives me great confidence and validation! Thank you.

anonymous Mar 6, 2016 4:54am

I got married on 11/03. My dad died on 11/03. My house number is 56 = 11 , Our old address is Number 11 !!!! Synchronicity or coincidence ?

anonymous Mar 6, 2016 4:51am

I have come across this website as I have an urged to find what is Twin flames symptoms and discovered more about it and the revelation of Spiritual Awakening. Such a mind blowing experience. Seeing 11:11 all the time and experience synchronicities more often. I even asked my Angels to give me some validation about my intuition about Twin Flames and this Man I met that without a doubt changes my Life upside down , this is not easy for me as I am married already. I met him in the most unexpected time of my life. Angels have sent infinite answers to validate that He is indeed my Twin Flames. The Plate numbers of the cars which is his name, I started seeing his name everywhere, his town where he lives. The most angelic and ultimate signs I got from my angels was when I saw a very fine white feathers by the door step of the office building. Truly one of the best miracles I have every experience in my whole life.

anonymous Feb 29, 2016 12:05pm

FYI your twin flame is not always incarnated with you but is also a guide.

anonymous Feb 28, 2016 12:47am

11/11- that’s my birthday! And old soul I’d right.

anonymous Feb 15, 2016 5:37am

It's 2:22 as I am posting this comment 🙂 I am seeing 22:22 or 2:22 all the time, does it mean I am one number from reaching the divine connection? Now seriously, I am really feeling like being one step from something. Some kind of discovery or understanding. This flame twin theory helped me a lot to realize what I am experiencing in my emotional life in past few years. Also starting to write about it on my new blog. As much as all the reincarnation theories sound logic to me, they basically tell you – you are born alone, you die alone and you go your whole path from life to life to become one perfect soul and enjoy the amazing feeling of neverending happiness – on your own. So where is that love we praise so much? This flame twin thing can be the answer.

anonymous Feb 15, 2016 5:32am

It’s 2:22 as I am posting this comment 🙂 I am seeing 22:22 or 2:22 all the time, does it mean I am one number from reaching the divine connection? Now seriously, I am really feeling like being one step from something. Some kind of discovery or understanding. This flame twin theory helped me a lot to realize what I am experiencing in my emotional life in past few years. Also starting to write about it on my new blog. As much as all the reincarnation theories sound logic to me, they basically tell you – you are born alone, you die alone and you go your whole path from life to life to become one perfect soul and enjoy the amazing feeling of neverending happiness – on your own. So where is that love we praise so much? This flame twin thing can be the answer.

anonymous Feb 7, 2016 12:12am

Weird! Look at the time I finished reading this! 11:12

anonymous Feb 6, 2016 8:19pm

We have the same birthday! Oddly my daughter, mother, and ex-wife we’re also born on a 22nd (my ex was the garden hose to my flame!). Great article and Happy almost birthday Kate!

anonymous Jan 27, 2016 11:51pm

I found this to be of great interest. I am always willing to seek more info on truth…
I been in struggle over the passing of my late husband and my new found relationship that caught me off guard but is everything I ever wanted and needed that I didn't get in my marriage lol
Everywhere we go people are attracted to conversation with us and tell us we are a great couple.
Anywhere we go we make light
Funny how 4 years before my husband died I seen 11:11
He became unresponsive and he death took course on 4/1
He died 4/11
He always questioned and feared my gifts and knowledge
Today truth answered us both!
Heaven revealed its self to me
With him!!
He died to save me!
I too was in the hospital and dropped with a focus of fat in my left ventricular
No one has the answer to where it went!
Thank u for keeping it lite!!!

anonymous Jan 13, 2016 9:08pm

My ex Bf and I broke up on 1.11.15 what does it means then?

anonymous Dec 28, 2015 10:38pm

To the people commenting as having met their twin flame because of numbers.
If you don't have psychic abilities, you haven't met your twin. It has happened to me, the experience made me see I'm a medium.
My research tells me mediumship is common.

anonymous Dec 18, 2015 8:59am

I need to be a pain in the butt and ask some niggling questions and hope you don’t mind.

Where did the concept of TF’s originate? Is it just a New Age thing, or has it been around for a while and the West borrowed it from somewhere else?

Is it fact, or just the wishful thinking of a lot of lonely people?

I get the double birth date (ditto), and like a gazillion other people, I see 11:11 and other sequences almost daily, but I can’t, for the life of me, understand or feel anything remarkable about them or see what they have to do with TF’s.

The clock simply ticks on. Quite rude of it, really.

No earth shattering epiphanies, no great spiritual awakenings, no TF.

Actually, we parted ways a few years ago – my fault – I wasn’t ready for it, didn’t know a thing about it and deliberately drove him away because, at the time, the whole thing freaked me out. Really freaked me out. I gave new meaning to the expression, “freaked out”.

That, and – he was less than half my age. So I hid behind my handy stack of emotional baggage until he – the guy with the patience of Methuselah – finally gave up in frustration and walked away.

However, I don’t want to fool myself. I mean, everything I’ve read about TF’s makes sense and I resonate with it – but I don’t want to kid myself and would rather know whether it’s all a load of malarkey (I’m guessing maybe not, if this column is still active…) or not.

So there you go. Niggling questions asked. Hope no one has been offended by them and apologize sincerely if they have!

anonymous Dec 16, 2015 6:18pm

i am a police cadet and my unit number is 1111 also i have had over two dozen cases of seeing 1111 on clocks and such since the year 2010, but i am very depressed because i am a virgin who has never found a girl to love and to be loved in return, i hope someday in Heaven i will a girl to love, but right now it is a sad time and very difficult

i hope she has red hair and blue eyes

anonymous Nov 12, 2015 3:45pm

My wife and I had noticed 11"s long ago and could not figure why. We tried to bet $11 on # 11 at the roulette table on 11-11 at 11:11pm but lost. After many years we decided it just meant that two 1"s (Her & I ) came together to be one 11. We had a wonderful perfect marriage for 37 years. Other family members noticed 11"s too. She went to be with Jesus and we had a memorial on 11-11-11. The wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister she was has been sending us , her family 11"s ever since she left . Thank you for this article, it seems to be confirmation of what we have believed all along. P.S I now have an 11 with Jesus through her passing but that is a different story. Again Thank You .

anonymous Nov 8, 2015 10:53am

Thank you for putting this into words. I’ve always noticed the 11:11 number sequence. And I know I have met my twin flame. Life brought us together, from thousands of miles away. It was magical. I have no doubt we were meant to meet, and had an amazing opportunity. But we blew it, old woulds flared up and we couldn’t stand the fire. So, very sad. But at least we connected, and I had a taste of the potential, and for that I am and will always be grateful. I moved from California to Georgia to be with her, but tomorrow I leave, returning to California, so sad.

anonymous Oct 20, 2015 4:07pm

I’ve been seeing 11:11 on clocks since 1995, I figured out myself that it correlated to healing and spirituality due to what I was doing when I saw it. Then one day, I saw a healing advert in the magazine, saying this was a full service 11:11 healing temple, when I called the healer, she told me that this was a pre-encoded trigger to awaken me, that I am one of the healers on the planet, here to help at this time is awakening. I went through profound soul-clearing for the next eight years, and then when 11/11/11 was near I was invited to the sacred ceremony at an ancient stone circle, and I knew I was meant to be there. It was there that I met my Beloved, he proposed to me on 11/11/12 and we are about to celebrate the fourth anniversary of our meeting on that special day. We now work together to help other couples embody the love that they are. I have just read that this year 11/11 is the time of Sacred union for the divine masculine and feminine and a new era of balance will begin.

If you’d like to know more please connect with me at my website,

anonymous Oct 17, 2015 8:14am

Humans have evolved to recognize patterns. It has kept us alive. It allows us to see a predator against a chaotic background, prepare for seasonal changes, hear signal in the noise. We look at clocks all the time, but only when we see a pattern, do we stop and notice it. Same with calenders, road signs, bar codes, etc. Likewise, not only do we recognize patterns, but we also seek meaning in the randomness of life and so we hope that the pattern has some sort of impact on us beyond statistical insignificance.

anonymous Oct 16, 2015 3:08am

I see 11:11 all the time. 11 is also quite prominent wherever I go. I'm single though, so maybe my twin flame around the corner? Conspire Universe, conspire! 🙂

anonymous Oct 7, 2015 12:46am

I cant stop seeing the numbers 9.11 everywhere. On the clock, on the lift. It's all over.. I know its nothing related to violence. Its freakishly recurrent.

anonymous Sep 21, 2015 5:12am

My daughter was born at 11:11 pm.

anonymous Sep 20, 2015 4:36pm

Today I came across this article after searching for the meaning of 11:11, not only has it resonated with me but the universe spoke with me at the same time. I have been fortunate to meet my twin flame who I had thought was a deep soul connection, from the first moment meeting, we had this incredible connection with one another that I was never able to explain. All I knew what that I felt a coming home (like you mentioned in the article) when I am with her, it was like a soul meeting another soul and its always incredibly intense. As I read the article and the section regarding twin flames, I received a text message from that very soul connection. It just shows the universe has been speaking to me!

Thank You for your amazing article, it has truly helped me in many ways!

anonymous Sep 20, 2015 7:34am

I have been seeing 11:17 since I was 13 yeard old and it was getting stronger until december 2014 when out of the blue at an interview I just looked at the man interviewig me & realised I have known him in one form or another and just felt like I was coming home. I could see the same reflection in his eyes but nothing can come of it as we are both married. Everytime I am close to him, I feel a buzzing, just dont understand it.

sorry, dont know where im going with this, im 47 now and im a bit confused.

anonymous Sep 19, 2015 8:36am


    anonymous Sep 19, 2015 8:46am

    The photo appears to have a Creative Commons license, and we've attributed via a link at the bottom of the article. Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any further concerns! Cheers & thanks. – Ed.

anonymous Sep 3, 2015 8:17am

My ex died on the 11:11 and oddly the night before, he and i grabbed two pool balls off two pool tables and they were 11 and 11. I conceived that night also and Then to be told the next morning afterwards, he had died on the way to work. I have since noticed 11:11 a lot now. Funnily, the day he died it was Remembrance Day here in Australia.

anonymous Aug 31, 2015 8:29pm

Oh my! YES!!!!

11:11 has been prominent in my life for years! My birthday is also 2.22. Thank you so kindly for this!

anonymous Aug 25, 2015 7:02am

What if the person you think… No, the person you Know is your twin flame but they don’t even acknowledge you or think about you. What does this mean? What am I meant to think?

anonymous Aug 12, 2015 9:00pm

Exactly right with the description of number 11 in numerology. My birthday and expression numbers are both 11 so I have that double 11 influence within me. Certainly people with 11and 22 repeating influence are old souls. So it is no surprise I fell in love with astrology and numerology and became an astronumerologist!

anonymous Aug 12, 2015 2:45pm

Me and my twin flame are both geminis so 11:11 is very significant also my birthday is 6-6-75 and his is 6-12-75 we are 6 days apart.

anonymous Aug 10, 2015 9:38pm

Omg! My birthday is 2/22 also!

anonymous Aug 3, 2015 12:30am

Wow 1111 is the most important guiding in my life . It really affected my life a lot

It started about 15 years a go that I start seeing 1111 almost everyday to a point that it was very weird and a little bit scary that I felt that it’s a sign for something but didn’t know if it’s good or not.

2 years after I start seeing 1111 I was looking for a store to open my first store and of course it no a easy decision to make we’re is the right location to open ?

One day I met with my friend and he told me are you still looking for a store to rent

And I told him yes.

He told me That is sew a store for rent on 1111 Liberty Ave. which was Avery good location in a era that I was looking at.

When I herd 1111 Liberty I already and that know that this is my store to be

And of course it was a great deal for me.

After this deal I hade big confidence in 1111

I know it’s a big part of my life to a point that I told my friends and family that I have a feeling that the most important thing in my life will happen at 11:11

And I ask my self what will be the most important thing in my life it have to be my first baby since me and my wife was working on having a baby

After about one year my wife got pregnant

And here due date was May 6 2003

I was very surprise and even a little bit shocked that it was not November since I hade a very strong feeling about it.

And I just forgot about it with the understanding that it didn’t happen like I thought it will.

My first daughter Emily was born on 5/5/2003 and it was the best day of my life

One week after she was born the hospital sent the birth certificate and when I open it the first thing that pop into my eyes was the time of Labor 11:11

Wow you should see the smile on my face

1111 never disappoint me

anonymous Aug 2, 2015 1:42pm

My Fiance passed away on 07/11/96. His Birthday 10/21/61. I met him 3 years prior on 07/15/93. We were going to get married on 07/15/96. That day was the first time I seen him after his passing. Family viewing. I was 4 months pregnant with our son at the time of his passing. I see 711 and 1021 alot. On clocks , signs , license plates etc. I’m wondering what this could mean. Also for as long as I can remember the one I always see and still do is 101. Any ideas?

anonymous Aug 2, 2015 12:10pm

My daughter’s birthday is 6/6, I’m now pregnant again and having another girl who is due 11/11. Her father and I have one of those relationships that is hard to explain. Being with him makes me feel so safe, comfortable, relaxed and happy. I’ve never felt this connection with anyone else and it scares me as I’m so used to being hurt in relationships. He tells me I’m his best friend and that he’s never felt the way he does with me with anyone else but I’m not his girlfriend because he’s afraid of things changing between us. I also worry that putting a label on what we have together could change the dynamic of our relationship. Thank you for this article, it really makes me a little less scared and more intrigued with the possibilities. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something with our baby being due 11/11.

anonymous Aug 2, 2015 8:45am

I saw a 2. What’s that mean? There’s a 2 sitting right here. Wait, here’s another 2. I think 2s are more powerful than 1s.

If you multiply 1 by 1, you still get 1. If you multiply 1x1x1x1, you still only get 1.

But, if you have 2, you can do 2×2, which can be 4. And if you do 22:22 instead of 11:11, you get 2x2x2x2, which is 16 – and if you don’t know the significance of 16, well… I don’t know.. You probably aren’t connected to the universe, because 16 is 1×6.

anonymous Aug 2, 2015 2:23am

I always see 11.11 and my partner always sees 9.11 what would 9.11 be?

    anonymous Aug 30, 2015 7:59pm

    911 adds up to an 11. Plus it's also the emergency number if you live in America. Maybe it means healing needed or wake up. The attacks on the twin towers happened on 911. Both towers had 110 floors which has an 11 in it. Take of the 0 on 110 and add the 11s and it's 22 which is 11+11 and 11:11 is the twin flame number. The first twin was hit and burst into flames and it awakened, the world awakening with it. Then later the second twin"s flame ignites. Then suddenly their ego's shatter, shattering it's illusions of being protected inside one of the top countries in the world. Not saying anything as atrocious as that's going to happen I'm just saying maybe it's a sign your partners about to go into a spiritual awakening. I saw 9:11 on the clock for years then suddenly it changed to 11:11 this year and I recognized my twin flame and the world I knew shattered. My life is forever changed.

anonymous Aug 1, 2015 9:11am

I’m reading/writing this at 11:11. 🙂

I’ve always thought that when I see 11:11, someone is thinking about me…. 🙂

anonymous Jul 26, 2015 9:57am

I just had this happened and was wondering again 11:11, i wake up in the middle of the night and look at clock and it is 11:11. I do not think it is a twin soul mate thing because I believe I am my only soulmate; other people just come here to teach us a lesson, not to stay with us forever. People usually tend to label the most difficult, tense, and dysfunctional relationships as Soul/twin mates. However we tend to dismiss the people who are with us in tour lifetime, because these people do not cause drama, are always there and never try to steal our spotlight; always settling to stay behind the curtain of our life so we can shine. Perhaps those people are our soul mates, those who pick us up when we are on the floor and we take for granted so many times.

anonymous Jul 25, 2015 6:51pm

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say this if I may?
If you have not experienced an awakening and heard spirit from meeting you twin soul, then you haven’t met you twin.
This is a good video, but I am living through this event currently. We are scared of each other, but the pull and attraction are there.
She opened me up to the fact I was born a medium. My research tells me that this only happens to people with spiritual skills.

anonymous Jul 24, 2015 7:29am

I’m always seeing 9:11 on the clock. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning or night, its always there. It’s been going on for almost 2 yrs. I go for walks around 6:30 am and I passed by a house and noticed the number on it was 911. I have done screen shots of pictures on my phone and noticed the time on it would be 9:11. During the day I have noticed the 11:11 time on my cell or on the clock in my car or anywhere there is a clock. It has also happened at night. What could this mean?

anonymous Jul 20, 2015 8:10am

I never have been aware of 11:11: In my life I met people with similar spiritual experiences, similar energy and sometimes
a telepathic connection too. Our mind's power depend also on the level we have reached in our evolution…I agree with Emily, when she wrote about other friend… they can feel each other even if they are in different countries and there is a strong feeling and energies between them… I am sure our telepathic connection with another people depends on our mind's power : It's very interesting this articles, thanks for sharing 🙂

anonymous Jul 14, 2015 11:33pm

My birthday is 24/7 🙂 Its a running joke between my friends that its very much me, Im very much 24/7 with everything. haha!

anonymous Jul 6, 2015 5:31pm

I see sequence numbers often like 333 and 555 and 444 and 111 what does it mean?

anonymous Jul 6, 2015 6:52am

Fascinating article, thank you for posting it. Numerology has interested me for years, but especially after I had children. My son was born on 02/02 (1999), & my daughter on 20/02 (2000) & although they were born in different Centuries, heck, even different Millennia , they've always had a very rare & close bond, the likes of which I've never seen in any other siblings, even though they are Polar opposites in every possible way. When I looked into Chinese Astrology to help me explain it I discovered they are the literal embodiment of Yin & Yang (being a Tiger and a Dragon), and so they balance & compliment each other, but Ive often wondered about the Numerological side of it all. I look forward to future posts 😀

anonymous Jul 6, 2015 12:39am

Wonderful post…I have been watching 11.11 repeatedly in the past few weeks. I absolutely believe in this. I wish and pray that, may the good things happen soon.

anonymous Jul 5, 2015 12:37pm

I see 22 every where. Especially with associated with my husband who I’m separated from. Me and my son’s were all born on the 22 of different months also. Is that similar to the 11:11?

anonymous Jul 5, 2015 7:47am

My daughter was born on 11.11.11
My Birthday 2/2
Our Wedding Anniversary 10.10.10

anonymous Jul 5, 2015 2:59am

My daughter was born on 2-22-11…I never knew any of this…very interesting…will keep an eye out for her intuitive spirit !

anonymous Jul 5, 2015 1:12am

I was born 9-9. I have a friend I first saw when I was 5 yrs. old, born 2-22. Met when I was 13, talked for a year and then dated off/on 14-17. Good times, great communication and serious clashes we were to young to understand. Searched for them pretty much every time I was single for 34 years. During our meeting many little things happened that had been a part of dreams through the years. This actually spooked me. There is something different about this person/I. Neither of us understand it, both of us feel it, some sort of energy & peace. Both of us have been told by others we are too intense yet both feel relaxed and calm w/ eachother. It is something so intense/consuming you want to run. Seperating is like being torn open. There is some sort of telepathic connection even though we are in different countries and don't speak, again spooky. We are very different sorts of humans but it remains. Interesting article for sure. First time I've heard of this so I'll have to do more reading.

anonymous Jul 4, 2015 11:30pm

It was late last year that I became aware of 11:11. But lately I noticed that whenever I check the time it’s 01:11 or 11:10. Any insights? 🙂
Thanks for this article. Really helpful.

anonymous Jul 4, 2015 6:07pm

11:11 has always been a thing for me. I was admitted to the hospital and my room was 1111 🙂 made me feel better as soon as I saw it!

anonymous Jul 4, 2015 3:30am

I believe my husband is my twin flame. I don’t think you’re suppose to love anyone as much as I love him. And physically? Even after 20 years we were intoxicated by one another. Absolutely intoxicated. He died January 29th, 2015 and I try to go on. It feels so empty without him. He and I were blissfully happy for 7 years. He was everything I had ever wanted (except then he turned on me. He became addicted to pain pills and began practicing the rules from Robert green’s books, “The Art of Seduction” and “The 48 Laws of Power.” I am also quite sure that he was severely bipolar.The most gentle man I’d ever known became hateful, violent and twisted. But I would see glimpses of him in there. Sometimes it was as though he loved me so much that he hated me. How do you deal with losing your twin flame?

anonymous Jun 26, 2015 12:17am

Really helpful madam.Iam at the stage of seperation with my TF.Iam getting huge amount of supports from the universe.Everyone,even my “running” TF is sure that it was all over.But my heart and universe are getting us closer and closer.:-)

anonymous Jun 19, 2015 1:43am

Namaskar! I´ve been on my particular spiritual path for 11 years. Its a very high path with a mission serving the unification of the new dawn coming..,.

More than 2 months back, after a dark period in my life with an old soulmate, I reached out and contacted a man I met first time 8 years ago, he is american and I am swedish. I hadn't forgotten about him and I was curious of why. I actually dreamt in awaken state that he would turn out to be more than a friend but I was really unaware of what was going to happened. My life has turned into a divine reality. Having searched spiritually intensively for more than 15 years and on my real spiritual path for 11, I am now amazed to find my life being taken over by Supreme grace, dreams coming true and paradise on earth materialising. So I have found my twin flame!!! Before I did I wanted to believe in the twin flame info Ive read about earlier, but its not until now I realise its truth!! And the actual existence of realisation is mind-blowing, I can hardly write about this! But at the same time nothing I write is more true than this. It would be lovely to get in contact with more twin flames..Of course I met one other twin flame couple lately: they have been together for two years and it was like touching their love when I saw them together, because I KNOW that LOVE! My twin flame and I have now only talked for 2 and 1/5 months. I am going to him in July, bringing my daughter, he will come back with me, go to some retreats of our common spiritual path and then he will visit my family, after he´s gone back. I will get our tickets as soon as possible and move to him. We´re getting married ^_^ . <3 Thank you for sharing and creating a space for twin flames around the globe!

anonymous Jun 15, 2015 6:21pm

I sometimes go through phases, especially when I’m just beginning a new relationship or going through a difficult phase of ending one, that no matter what, completely subconsciously, I will check the time, whether on a PC, on my watch, anywhere, and it’s 11:11 – to the point where one day, when I’d seen it for the 10th time in a row, I laughed out loud in the office. Why is this? At the moment I’m ending a relationship that I’ve really, really enjoyed due to the fact I’m moving away, and I am not ready to at all – and it’s started happening again, either I wake up at 11:11 in the morning or if I’m already awake, it’ll be that time when I check (not even ticking over to, or from – always bang on). What does this mean?


anonymous Jun 15, 2015 2:45pm

My husband and I were both born on 6/8. His father was born on 1/8. We first met on 2/8 and our first date was 11/8. We got engaged on 8/8 and then married on 8/8 a few years later. Our children were born on 6/18 and 10/28. Our female cat was born on 4/18. Our list of 8's goes on and on! The only one we actually planned was our wedding date.

anonymous Jun 14, 2015 12:42pm

my birthday is 11.22, I see the numbers everyday always by chance. My husband laughs at me because he never sees 8.16! I see it on a register receipt, on my quick picks from lottery tickets, my iPhone daily, but oddly when I get a message from someone or on Facebook, the time will be 11:22. I call out “11:22” it’s my birthday!! I just opened this article to read on my iPad having no clue what time it is, I looked up at my IPad clock and it was 1:11. I’m always curious as to the signs the universe is sending me and I’ve been told to just be patient with my desires as they are coming…I love reading and learning about these experiences. Thank you for sharing this fascinating information, I’d love to learn more!!

anonymous Jun 14, 2015 3:40am

I have never heard about any numbers but what I have experienced was loud fireworks when me and one man looked at each other and few min later the time stood still. Literally I felt like everyone froze and we were looking at each other without saying a word! Weird but very magical. What that means? Xx

anonymous Jun 13, 2015 10:08pm

My husband and I are both born on 11/11/1983.

    anonymous Dec 25, 2015 5:36pm


anonymous Jun 13, 2015 5:59pm

Do you think that 911 also has a meaning? Everytime I look at the clock, it´s always 9h11, never 9h12 or 9h10.. That makes me afraid sometimes..

    anonymous Jun 18, 2015 9:25am

    There's a good chance, it's just because you're aware of that number. You are actually looking at the clock at other times, they just don't stick out in your mind 🙂

anonymous Jun 13, 2015 3:45pm

I am constantly seeing the number 514 everywhere, it pops up in really terrible points in my life for some reason (i remember a boy i dated in high school ended our relationship at 5:14 p.m., my husband and I got into a huge blow up on May 14th that almost ended the marriage, etc…any idea what this number means?????

anonymous Jun 13, 2015 7:33am

Interesting article. I was involved with my twin flame up until last summer. I understand twin flames can have a rather tumuluiis relationships. This was us sadly. My question is, does the number 328 have any significance? Thanks for your time!

anonymous Jun 13, 2015 6:39am

i need to know what the sequence 11:18 means? I also happen to be born on that day and it shows up it seems everywhere!

anonymous Jun 7, 2015 7:47pm

Excellent article! My fiance and I have been observing 11:11 and catch many other number sequences almost daily. Her favorite is 5:55. She’s an identical twin… and I was born on 2-22-77 at 1010. Your article brings so many of our feelings and experiences to light. Great Read!

    anonymous Jun 9, 2015 6:06pm

    It's amazing the connections once we start being aware of what the universe presents to us isn't it?! I'm so glad you responded and that you were able to find a connection to this! 🙂

anonymous Jun 7, 2015 10:54am

I’m typically not one to comment on most articles I read, but my wife sent me the link to your article and I couldn’t resist. My wife and I are down to the last few days before we welcome our second kiddo into the world and the connection with 11:11 has been prominent with us for years. I could send you pages upon pages of text messages with 11:11 strung through the conversations from when we would each remind each other when the occurrence would happen. I enjoyed your comments about the differences between soulmates and flame twins as well. I personally have been lucky enough to enjoy relationships (both plutonic and romantic) with those I would consider my soulmates. It’s my wife, however, that has taken me to the next level of living (professionally, artistically, as a husband and father) and this definitely sheds light on the deeper bond. And as a bonus (noticing the ladies comment up above), my birthday is also 1-23.

    anonymous Jun 9, 2015 6:06pm

    Tony, I love hearing this. I think its truly amazing when we are able to come together with our Twin Flames in this life, and what you've described seems to perfect fit! And of course, congratulations on your second kiddo!!! xo:)

anonymous Jun 7, 2015 6:16am

Married to a man who’s birthday is 11.11.77

    anonymous Jul 4, 2015 9:37am

    Interesting. My son's father, (my ex) birthday is 11-11-65. (11-11-11) He definitely isn't my twin flame. Although I believe I have found my twin flame since. We meet on 02-09-2009…11-11. My life hasn't been the same since that meeting.

anonymous Jun 7, 2015 1:31am

I am in this process of awakening and it Is absolutely divine my soulmate partner childhood sweetheart passed away in October after 25 years together. I was devastated to say the least I had to spiritually wake up and find him. I knew right away when we connected with each other. I know he is my beloved I always have. I thank god everyDay for this & of course the and Liora xxxxxxx

    anonymous Jun 7, 2015 8:05am

    Just reading this brought tears to my eyes, while I am so sorry that you lost him, my first thought is how lucky you have been to have 25 years to experience such an amazing soul relationship. I only hope we are all so lucky-thank you for sharing your story. xo

anonymous Jun 6, 2015 12:00pm

Anyone know anything about 1123 might mean?! Been seeing it everywhere for years! I like to think of it as a private joke with the universe at this stage 🙂

    anonymous Jun 7, 2015 8:03am

    there is a meaning on the 123 sequence-almost as if the universe is making sure you don't skip steps on where you want to be. To slow down, and do things in the order they are meant to be done. More on this will be coming in another article!

    anonymous Jul 26, 2015 2:40pm

    1123 has numerical and natural connections. It is the first four numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence starts with two ones and then to get the next number you add the previous two numbers together. So the first eight numbers are 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21. This sequence appears often in nature, usually as a spiral. The spiral of a nautilus shell and the spiral distribution on pine cones are two examples.

    anonymous Aug 2, 2015 8:46am

    Sure! First, you go 1×1, which is 1, and then 1×2, which is 2, and then 2×3, which is 8.

    Glad to help anytime!

anonymous Jun 5, 2015 11:42pm

This is a wonderful article! I believe I've found my twin flame; we're getting married in two weeks.

Thank you!

anonymous Jun 5, 2015 11:19pm

Brilliant article 🙂 request you to put down more on other number sequences!

    anonymous Jun 7, 2015 8:02am

    I am working on it as we speak! I think it's important for us to be aware of the meaning of number sequences!

      anonymous Jun 10, 2015 4:30pm

      I am very interested in number sequences.

      My daughter was born 9/9/99

      My other daughter was born July 11 at 1:11

      I would love to read more

      anonymous Aug 1, 2015 3:19am

      This crazy, I have often wondered what nber sequencing meant. Not only do I often see 11:11 but most other numbers aswell, on the clock, phone, times on receipts .. You name it, it’s doubled up!! I would live to know what these other numbers mean, it’s been happening constantly for well over a year now. Quite freaky actually. My bday is 10:9 my husband is 9:9 two years apart… any reason in that’? ???

        anonymous Dec 25, 2015 5:15pm



      anonymous Aug 2, 2015 11:38pm

      This is the one I use! I hope it works.

anonymous Jun 5, 2015 10:00pm

This article is wonderful; it explains perfectly the relationship I have now. And we’re getting married in two weeks! Thank you!

    anonymous Jun 7, 2015 8:02am

    amazing Karen! So happy for you!!

Frankford Franklin Aug 24, 2018 4:04am

Twin flame is just an excuse for adultery. It breaks up families and hurts many people including children.It is a satanic concept! SHAME!

Crystal Hayden Jul 8, 2018 12:41pm

Hi Kate. I had a question. I know it's a sign when u see 11:11 but what if at ur job you have been working for a little over a month and u sweep a very busy parking lot. An every night u pick up a dime and a penny. To the point u already know the penny and dime will be there when u go to sweep. Is it a some sorta sign? Or a coincidence? Thanks for ur time. Crystal

Cheryl Campbell Jun 12, 2018 12:15pm

My mum'a birthday is 11:11 My son's is: 9:9 and my daughter's is:1:1 any thoughts on these dates, especially having three in one family? Thanks.

Gloria Otto Mar 31, 2018 12:23am

I've been seeing 11:11 for like the last 6 mons. Seeing it even before I saw this article. My intuition told me it meant something. And then u guys appeared. Validated everything I've been feeling. Thank u for this article. I've been experiencing everything u guys talked about. So true!!

Rev-Valerie Kathryn Jan 14, 2018 6:23pm

Before retiring I practised Professional Numerology for 40 years having walked between worlds from 6 to my conscious knowledge and granddaughter of a Celt who saw physical visions of her son everytime his ship was torpedoed 3 times in WW2 and was able to assure his father that he was still alive, the great granddaughter of a Spanish Roma, called a Crystal Worldbridger by the highly respected Mayan Astrolger Lyn Birkbeck, a Sister of Light by my Yaqui master and teacher, a 22 Soul Urge and an 11 Personality in my Numerology Chart and born on the Magical number 23 in Hebrew Arithmancy.My understanding of the 11 vibration in any one's energy map is the opportunity to manifest the angelic level of our being when in form and so when two eleven vibrations manifest or appear together it is a signal to remember that you have the ability within your being to manifest the Master energy of 22 and therefore able to bring the particular Divine Vision of Universal Love that you have volunteered to bring into form this time..and that would be for all beings on this earth and not just a lover. In other words a signal to remember who you really are.

Robin Garcia Jan 13, 2018 1:50am

I was born 12/12. When I was pregnant with my second child, I saw 1111 everywhere - in everything! He was born on the 6th day of the month as was my first child and they are 6 years apart. I still see 1111 all the time. I have always seen it as my guides letting me know they are around and I take a moment to express gratitude for all that is. However, the twin flame description fits me and my boyfriend perfectly who is the father of my second child. We connected at 19 and always had this closeness we couldn't describe. We grew up and I married someone else. We lost touch for a few years and when my husband left, we found each other again and discovered we lived less than half a mile away from each other. We truly feel we have promised to follow each other through every lifetime.

Richard Ajax Nov 15, 2017 12:57am

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NKenya Jordan Oct 11, 2017 7:45pm

I found this page because my phone was at 11% at 11:11 am on October 11...on Wednesday, the fourth calendar day of the week...and four ones equal four! Haaaaha...I won't even get into why I picked up my phone to discover this. Universe, I get it lol.

Rosila Mike Oct 4, 2017 11:40pm

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Matt Goerler Sep 20, 2017 3:42pm

it has been like 11.11 has been knocking at my door sometime 2or3 times monthly.i hope to realize my twinflame

Sharon O'Brien Salvadore Jul 26, 2017 9:53am

what started as 11;11 in AM and PM has now taken on 2;22, 3;33 and even 5;55. I keep asking "what? what do you want to tell me?"

Wendy Glez May 5, 2017 3:33pm

I was also born 2/22 and since my grandfather passed away last year I have been seeing repetitive numbers very often. It makes me feel connected to a higher self and my son who is only 20 months old has been "talking" to someone in his room and gets scared sometimes out of the blue. Knowing that seeing repetitive numbers is more of a positive thing makes me feel at ease. I am very pleased that I found this blog that puts all this in perspective for me. Thank you.

Leeanne Campbell Apr 21, 2017 10:26pm

My daughter was born 11.11 after an 11 hour labour 11 days early .x

Leeanne Campbell Apr 21, 2017 10:25pm

Christina Duckett my favourite quote from bible is jerimiah 29.11 x

Calloway Smith Apr 21, 2017 6:32pm

Me too

Jeff Shumway Apr 6, 2017 6:02pm

My numberz: 11 12 13 15 18 22 23 26 30 33 35 40 42 44 45 46 48 49 50 51 53 54 55 56 57 58 76 ... astounding digits... have known for years the power of numbers, sequences, and the significance of numerical combinations... mine are O M G!!! I'm One Half of a Twin Flame... and just found my Other Half... we're inseparable... out of body experiences for both... words can't describe... yet the WiseWoman who compiled the info here has NAILED IT!! World: WatchOut... TheBESTisYetToCome... and it's pretty darn great right now... everything happens for a reason and purpose... always did... always does... always will

Janice Selin Feb 15, 2017 2:57pm

My son also 01/01/91 at 11:11

Ken Butel Feb 8, 2017 10:31am

its true , here is my angel next to me in the picture.i would love to be an angel of light .maybe i will be soon.11.11 i see it often.

Christina Duckett Jan 28, 2017 12:37pm

You have to look to JESUS and ask him with all your heart what it means. I know what my 11 11 means...but maybe yours is different...But pray and be patient for your answer. GOD BLESS!

Siarra Lee Jan 23, 2017 6:57am

To wake up! The universe is trying to get your attention. Twin flames. New energy. Angels communicating with you. Pay attention. Make a wish. Focus on what you want not what you don't want. Pay attention to your thoughts. Many things. I would suggest to start doing your research. :)

Jodi Hansen Gruss Jan 13, 2017 1:06am

Can someone answer this one for me.......for the past two years (2017 starting a third) every time I look at a clock it always says 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44 and so on?!

Ali CB Quartz Jan 11, 2017 1:37am

Dear Universe, I get it. Super sly sync might I add � Stop drowning me in TF messages. Go make stuff appear in his thread not mine.

Mallory E Miller Dec 17, 2016 5:31pm

My twin flame has been wanting to move in with me but I've been hesitant, but my friend sent me a snap chat of 11:11 with an elephant sign in the background. I looked up 11:11, found this page ELEPHANT JOURNAL, and this article is telling me not to miss my soul mate signs/ and that I am universally aligned. I take the hint, universe. It is time for the physical twin flame manifestation! ;)

Flori Minca Dec 17, 2016 8:35am

How did you do to meet your twin?

Brad Blackham Dec 5, 2016 6:54pm

11-11 is the divine symbol of unconditiona1 1ove for a11. If you believe in the Afterlife, it means you're being pardoned by a God-King. It's connected to freedom, but it's also connected to the law of love.