July 6, 2015

I Tried Vaginal Steaming & Here’s What Happened.

Editor’s Note: This website is not designed to, and should not be construed to, provide medical advice, professional diagnosis, opinion or treatment to you or any other individual, and is not intended as a substitute for medical or professional care and treatment. Always consult a health professional about health care changes before trying out new home therapies or changing your diet. 

*Do not try this at home if you have an IUD, are pregnant or think you may be as certain herbs have been known to induce labour. Consult your physician or naturopath before trying this home remedy.


In January I had read an article on Elephant Journal about the benefits of vaginal steaming—I was sold!

I routinely try alternative remedies and medicines from other cultures and so this seemed like a perfect fit for me.

I began steaming at the end of the month about a week or so away from the start of my period, because that is when the cervix is slightly opened and therefore the steam will be more beneficial.

I did more research into what types of herbs to use for the steam, and decided to use dried lavender because it is soothing, relaxing and gentle on the body.

It is recommended for a variety of uses.

I would place a pot of water on the stove and sprinkle the dried lavender on top, once it began boiling I would turn off the heat and take the pot and place it between my legs and lay down with a blanket all around me for about twenty minutes.

Immediately the first month I had no cramping during my period at all, and it was shorter in duration as well. I also noticed that during other parts of my cycle my vaginal lubrication was increased and I was experiencing stronger orgasms.

I was shocked at the differences I noticed so quickly.

Soon I began telling all of my friends about it and began handing out small bags of lavender to them so that they could try it at home themselves. Mostly all of my friends saw the same results—although they did not steam as regularly as I did.

After steaming for three months consecutively I forgot to do it one month and it was my most painful period to date—at that point. I remember being doubled over at my desk and carrying ibuprofen with me everywhere I went. I wasn’t sure if it was just coincidence or not as I could not find any research on this as a side effect, but mentally made a note to not skip any more months.

I continued steaming for a few more months and my results were just as spectacular as they were in the beginning. To be able to do a natural herb steam and then not have to take any over the counter medicines during my period was an incredible find.

This past month has been an extremely busy one for me, and once again I forgot to steam prior to starting my period.

I awoke early in the morning to the most awful cramps I ever had in my life. The only comparison to them was the contractions I had when I was going into labor with my children—I literally had to breathe through them. One cramp actually brought me to my knees on the floor in my house where I had to stay for a few minutes until the pain subsided enough so that I could stand and walk again.

I had never steamed while on my period, but as this pain was so intense that I decided to give it a try. I set myself up the same way I had previously and steamed for two twenty minute sessions. Halfway through the first session my cramping subsided and by the time I was finished with my second session they had stopped completely.

I had never steamed to relieve cramping, but because of the gentle heat and the benefits of the lavender, after doing this I didn’t get a cramp for the rest of my period. While I had the privilege of being able to treat my cramps in this way on this particular occasion I know that it is not something I can do each time I have my period which is why I have decided to be vigilant in steaming prior to the start of it from now on.

Afterwards, I reached out and talked with other women who have adopted this practice long-term, and it seems that for many once we start this practice of steaming—our bodies become reliant on it. They also said that if they skipped a month their periods would be extremely painful and heavy.

The original article that appeared on elephant journal made no mention of this.

I am very thankful that I have tried this, and I will continue to steam. I just want other women to be aware that while the benefits of this are amazing, the side effects of then skipping a month can be awful—especially for those women who experienced heavy painful periods prior to their first steam.

Alternative remedies are amazing, especially those based in ancient wisdom like the vaginal steam—but we also, as women, have to be aware of all of the possible side effects before making the choice to try them.






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Author: Kate Rose 

Editor: Renée Picard

Image: Pixabay

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kateanne00 Jul 9, 2015 8:55pm

Hi Tina, I had read variations in the position of the steaming and as long as our legs are spread open and the steam is contained it has been reported it's still beneficial. I have squatted over the pot as well and haven't found any difference in the effectiveness of it.

I did just use the lavender, I had planned on trying different variations but I loved the effects of the lavender.

I just didn't know that my body was going to respond to it that way, but honestly, I would have still done it if I had. I think its an incredible gift, and has helped my body in so many ways. I plan on teaching my daughters this practice as well. Love & Light to you as well Tina <3

Sierra Jul 8, 2015 8:12pm

Hi Kate. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with vaginal steaming… it's important to keep the dialogue open about this ancient practice as more women learn about it and consider trying it. As author of the article you read here on EJ in January, I can tell you that I did not mention the side effect you mention because, though I have worked with over a thousand women who were introducing steaming in to their lives, I have never heard of this being an issue before. Most women ecstatically report that their cycles – and lives – have been nothing short of transformed by the practice. I certainly don't mean to discredit your experience, but I am curious to know if perhaps something else is going on related to your cycle, or even stressors in your life, that could contribute to the increased cramping on the months you don't steam. There are many factors to be considered before assuming that your body has become reliant on the steam, as there is no physiological mechanism that would have your body become dependent on it. Because it is so rare it is indeed puzzling, and worth taking some more time to explore. Hopefully soon there will be a study that tells us exactly why and how this ancient wisdom works, and even give us some insight on these kinds of nuances! But for now, we just have the stories of our grandmothers, mothers and sisters – and most importantly our own intuition – to guide us as we use the wisdom of plant medicine evolve our relationships to our bodies and our cycles. Thanks again for opening the dialogue for more women to share their stories. Are there any other women here who can speak to their experience with vaginal steaming/yoni steaming?

kate Jul 7, 2015 7:00am

It would be really helpful to know why the steaming is so beneficial as well as why the lack of steaming creates such painful menstruation.

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