August 13, 2015

Why the Chakras Matter.

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You know how life can feel out of control sometimes?

Like everything is moving too fast or too slow? Like there is too much, or not enough, or sometimes both of these at the same time?

Like nothing is going our way, or everything is falling apart, or we just can’t seem to get what we want out of life?

This is why the chakras matter.

The chakras are powerful energy centers.

They are large data-banks, and they store information—moving it through the energy field, which is our own, but which is also infinitely connected to everything else.

Somehow we know this. We know that what is happening to us—and around us—is bigger then our little ego selves.

We can feel it when we hike in nature, or have someone close to us die, or when we dream deeply in the middle of the night.

But then, when the big decisions are in front of us—should I marry, should I divorce, should I quit my job—we don’t want to think about how we are connected to something larger then the thoughts in our minds.

We want our own thoughts and ideas to be enough.

We need them to be enough.

Because we get scared and unsure. We become full of doubt and fear, and we want an answer to all of our problems, and we want it now.

We demand to know, from our thoughts, what we are supposed to do in order to feel okay in our lives.

And this is why the chakras matter.

They are a key to this need to feel better.

A better, more accurate and more efficient key then our thoughts.

When we can connect with the chakras, we can improve their functioning—purely with love and intention—and in return, our life will start to reflect our wants and desires.

This doesn’t happen through neurotic thoughts.

Instead, it happens through loving intention, faith, visualization, supporting each other and stepping away from the limiting belief systems that tell us, over and over again—nothing will ever be right, we can’t do it, we will always suffer and everything will be a mess, always!

These negative mental messages shut down the powerful data centers that are our chakras, and hence, the messages become self-defeating prophecies.

The chakras matter because we all deserve to feel good.

The chakras matter, and it doesn’t take much to connect with them.

The chakras matter because they are impacting our lives every moment, and the sooner we realize this, the sooner we can connect with them as a means to improving our own lives so that we can help others.

The chakras matter.



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Author: Ruth Lera 

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Flickr/new 1lluminati

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