September 20, 2015

Bernie Sanders Breaks out of Media Black Hole with Major Appearances on Colbert and Maddow.

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The media can’t ignore Bernie anymore.

It seems that he’s finally made it out of the black hole the media has had him in.

Is America starting to #FeeltheBern?

Sanders has managed to draw huge crowds in every state that he has made an appearance in, including classically conservative states. He drew praise for his support of a labor union in Iowa and for speaking to Christian Conservative students at Liberty University.

Most recently, Sanders has made two major appearances on The Rachel Maddow Show (MSNBC) and on The Late Show with Stephen Colbertwhere he discussed his political platform and campaign.

Margaret Sullivan of the NY Times issued an apology for not taking the Independent senator’s bid seriously. Time is featuring Bernie on their cover!

Bernie’s posts on social media during the recent Republican primary debate were highly viewed. He stated “the energy was sucked out of his body” watching the debates because no major political issues were discussed, such as income inequality, asking the rich to pay fair taxes, and childhood poverty.

It seems to me that the candidates on both sides are typical politicians jumping into a media circus. As an American, I am insulted. The circus that is Trump’s campaign is the top contender in the Republican pool. I watch and think “Is this the best we can do? This is a joke.” I love this country and the beautiful people that fill it—even the ones I think are batsh*t crazy for their views—and I respect that because this is America, we get to have that difference!

Yes, it’s entertaining, but is that what the leadership of our great nation has come to? A circus where we pick the loudest money? That is an insult to the American people and those who die to make the country free and great.

Isn’t it time we picked our own leader and not the one the media delivers to us? One who cares about the hard working Americans that make this country what it is? We need to stop allowing the Super-PAC funded career politicians to scare us away from Sanders with their “socialist” nonsense claims and make our own choices. Let’s start doing our research.

Investigate. Uncover. Dig Deep.

Here is the full interview with Sanders and Rachel Maddow.




If you #FeeltheBern, you gotta hear Hipster Bernie “sing.” [Colbert]


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