September 25, 2015

Dear Daughter, May You Never Feel Lost.


Dearest Daughter,

May you always know the depth of my love for you while you are trying to find your own way off the beaten path somewhere.

May your resolve for life and tolerance for people remain strong—no matter come what may.

Might you never question your own intuition and gut feelings about people and situations, inevitably to encounter along the way.

Please choose to remain steadfast and strong willed when faced with the adversity and toxicity of those around you—choosing to listen only to your own inner guide within the sanctuary of your own soul.

Try to understand that you are not merely an extension of your parents—you are your very own authentic separate being deserving of real unconditional love. You are worthy of this and so much more.

Make a real effort at accepting people and circumstances for what they are, as hard as that may be.

Parents are human, have major flaws and are not void of childhood wounds—they will inevitably be passed on to you.

Try to understand with compassion and love while at the same time staying true to your own personal boundaries, principles, beliefs and values but always with the utmost respect for yourself and others.

Always question everything you were taught and everything today”s society stands for, never taking anything at face value and never settling for someone else’s opinions or restricting judgments of you or those you care about—form your own.

And most importantly: attempt to discover your own truth separate from the influences of others and trust with a strong belief and faith that while doing so, the universe will not let you down.

In time you will discover your earthly purpose.




Author: Jennifer Jacobs

Assistant Editor: Cecilia Vinkel/Editor: Katarina Tavčar

Image: loomingy1/Flickr

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Read 6 comments and reply

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