October 25, 2015

Love is Bond: The Alchemy of Matter.


Years ago, I was asked by my teacher to place the palm of my hand over either of my eyes while keeping the uncovered eye open.

My teacher hoped I could grasp this great truth. I followed directions well enough, but had trouble understanding what I was being taught.

After a few years of living and gaining experience I was finally able to comprehend: my teacher was shedding light on the Principle of Mentalism.

Mankind has discovered much about the nature of matter. We know that our eyes play tricks on us. All things are particles in motion held together by a bond of sorts. The varying forms of matter are simply varying forms of energy. My teacher wanted me to see that everything is Mind. Nothing takes place outside of it. Anything visible is so because of Light.

Metaphorically speaking, the open eye represents all that is known. The darkness alludes to what the light has yet to touch. The covered eye also symbolizes the unconquered space between particles in motion; bound and unbound alike. The great Truth of mentalism is this: the only veil between the light and the dark is the individual.

As an individual, I have sought to understand The Principle of Correspondence—in laymen’s terms, “as above so below, and as below so above.” It basically means that The Universe in its entirety is reflected and present in all living things. The connection between the above and the below is not always easy to see; much like how many particles are invisible to the naked eye. When I contemplate The Universe I keep correspondence in mind. Not only as a proverbial saying but as Universal Law. By doing so, I have been able to go beyond my teacher’s initial lesson on mentalism, specifically the portion about bonds.

Atoms bond together to form molecules, which proceed to bond with other molecules until something is created. Humans form bonds to create as well. We form bonds to create an ideal reality. All particles are creators. As above so below and as below so above. The quintessential reason behind all bonds is unadulterated Love. It is the love of life that generates and sustains more life. Humans, being more complex than atoms, perceivably have more reasons, but all reasons stem from this one. Everything is Mind bound together by Love.

As spiritualists, we must use this knowledge to create bonds with these principles in mind, and we must strengthen the bonds we already have.

In America, many people in the middle, low, and perhaps even the rich class are dissatisfied with reality. If the Love is declining then the country is falling apart, for America is simply a conglomerate of particles (citizens), bound together by the love of a shared set of ideas (culture).

This way of thinking can be classified as alchemy, or the spiritual version of chemistry. According to the Principle of Mentalism both schools of thought are simply Mind. In chemistry, it is known that all molecules retain some traits of the formative atoms. However, the newly formed compound molecule is a new creation with its own set of traits. Each new American citizen is a new atom that goes on to bond with a family (molecule). Consequently, the compound chemical is changed, and so on and so forth. This is correspondence in real life. There is no one person to blame for the perceived deterioration of America. It is simply a lack of knowledge.

Each of us individuals is only that—an individual. But we have learned that with the right knowledge, this ostensible theory is not true all the time. There is only Mind, Light to see it all, and Love to hold it all together.

By living in love we can form durable natural bonds, and according to both principles a change anywhere is a change everywhere. One can help strengthen the bond between all things by first loving their self with pure unconditional universal love. Once that bond is aligned with the source of all bonds, all other bonds will be affected. Truthfully, no one has to go any further than that to do their part in life because as above so below, and as below so above.

Love yourself and save the world, because Love truly is bond.


Author: Arnold Burnley

Editor: Emily Bartran

Photo: Deviantart

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