October 16, 2015

October. {Poem}

Author's photo: Leah Fortner

She always arrives with a sweet breath,
seducing me with a soft kiss…

Insinuating the change that lies ahead
And cascading from the pointed tips of her dancing toes.


The rich colors of all things old that must let go
In a blanket of her golden touch,
She gives me comfort although she insists I surrender.

She promises nothing but a bare unknown,
Looming in the darkness of the shadow that follows her.

She presses her chilling chest against me,
Yet somehow still keeps me warm with her spirit,
and I may try to resist,
To reflect of times before her return,
But she bestows an unworldly finesse,
As she effortlessly glides me into her presence…
A coziness that beckons me to join her hypnotic movements of grace.

Distracted by her captivating beauty and illusive perfection,
I find myself somewhere cold alone and almost lost.

Until alas—she whispers from afar,
“Lift your chin and raise your glance.”

Awakening me to the bright hope
Of all things new, her last gift.

My heart to secretly await her embrace once more,
A destined moment never to be mistaken,
For she always arrives with a sweet breath,
seducing me with a soft kiss…




An Autumn Exhale..


Author: Leah Fortner

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

Photo: Author’s own.

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Read 2 comments and reply

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