October 21, 2015

The Sound of Skeptics: Parody to Highlight the Nonsense of Climate Change Naysayers. {Video}

Sound of Silence screenshot

Jeremy Hoffman is a 26-year-old paleoclimate scientist whose day job is to reconstruct the Earth’s past climate records. He is among the 97% of climate scientists who agree that human activity is drastically affecting climate change.

And he shares the frustration of the majority of his peers: that their voices are being drowned out by the 3% minority of skeptics. Last month Hoffman was inspired to write a musical parody. Changing the lyrics of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”, he vents his frustrations to the original tune.

On his Youtube page, where he’s posted a video of him performing “The Sound of Skeptics”, Hoffman states:

“‘The Sound of Skeptics’ is about the struggle of the climate science community in dealing with the increasingly loud but remarkably small population of “climate change skeptics” that willingly deny the impacts of anthropogenic CO2 emissions on global climate change. The consensus presented in the IPCC AR5 and other climate synthesis reports have clearly shown, even under strict data scrutiny, that humanity’s impact on global climate change is both evident and indisputable.”

At the end of November, the UN will lead climate change talks in Paris and Hoffman is hoping this video might help to bring more of the general public around to the majority point of view ahead of those talks. If you’re with the 97%, you might help the cause by sharing the video:

Please note: “This parody is in no way sponsored by or reflects the opinions of Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, or the performer’s institution or funding agency and are solely those of the parody writer and performer, even if 97% of climate scientists are in consensus about them.” ~ Jeremy Hoffman



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