October 17, 2015

This is what I would Like to Do to You. {Adult}

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“I want to taste you again, like a secret or a sin.” ~ Unknown

It’s been a long time baby—and so now there is lost time to make up for.

We started slow and ended fast—but this time, I simply want to do it all.

And you can do it to me too, if you’d like.

But, I this time, would like to be the one who starts.

Because there is so much I would like to do—not just with you—but to you.

I want to make your heart race—I love the throbbing sound it makes, because it lets me know that I affect you and that you have lost control.

No matter how much your physical response to me perplexes you, I never tire of it.

I know that there is a deep spiral of confusion when we make eye contact, and for that very reason, we both shy away from each other’s eyes, when we meet.

But this time, I’m not looking away.

From the very first steps you take toward me, I’m going to look into your eyes— because I want to see if I can still make you shake, without even touching you.

I don’t know why I have this effect on you. Maybe I won’t this time?

But I sure want to take the time, to see if it still happens.

I want to hug you when you first come through my door—this is not the hug of people who barely know one another.

No, this time I want you to feel my every single curve pressing against you, so you can remember exactly the way my body feels. When I feel you letting go, I will press myself a little harder against you.

Because we both know, I’ve always loved to torture you, a bit.

I want to make you uncomfortable, I want you to feel confused—and I promise that I will not take it easy on you.

Because it’s been far too long—and regardless of anything else, there are still things that I need to do to you.

There are things we still need to do to one another.

I want to make you a drink, so I can lick the whiskey from your lips. But I don’t want us to get drunk, because what I have in mind will take all night—possibly longer.

I don’t want to rush—but I don’t plan on taking my time either.

I want to straddle your lap and face you—because I have been thinking naughty thoughts.

I will not stop until I am quite ready.

If I still want to kiss you, I’m going to.

Because I’ve learned that what isn’t said matters more than what is.

I want to place my hand on your heart, to see if I still occupy a space within it.

Not that it would mean anything if I still do, it’s just something I am curious about.

I want you to take off my shirt and I want to take off yours, so that we can feel the way our skin feels against one another.

I want you to feel my heart racing, and I yours.

I want to kiss you, until you are breathless—until I can feel your desire pulsing for me.

Until your hands press deeper into my skin, reading all of my sweet and dark secrets.

But, I want to take it slow, as I run my tongue along your shoulders and nibble the soft skin there.

This time I want to kiss and lick all of the places I was too hurried to pay attention to before.

Because it has been too long—and while maybe there are too many questions to answer, I still want to ask them anyway.

But this time to want to ask them with my tongue and my fingertips, because no matter how my words may arouse the senses, sometimes I don’t think they get it quite right.

I want to feel your goosebumps rise and your back arch in the intoxicating expectation of what is coming next.

I want to hear you say my name, as only you do.

And I want to make you laugh.

Because no matter what desires are coursing through our veins—there is always an inside joke found within those moments.

At least that’s what she said.

I want to make you lose your breath and I want to see you try to catch it again.

Because the only thing I can promise, is that I will continually take it away.

I don’t want to head straight to the bedroom, because there are far too many places that you haven’t had me yet.

So, let’s shake the house down—and make each other gasp in the most unlikely of places.

I want to feel the way my breasts fit perfectly into the palm of your hand—even though you always said I wasn’t just one handful—but two.

Really, this is just the beginning.

Because now I’m not so sure if there actually is enough time, to do all of the things that I desire to do to you.

But I am willing to make the time to find out—if you are.



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Author: Kate Rose

Editor: Ashleigh Hitchcock

Photo: Pixoto/Christ Rerato, flickr/Vaibhav Ahuja

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